Why Was Richard Syrett Silenced?

One of my favorite radio people is Richard Syrett, whose show I had appeared on numerous times in the past, and in fact was slated to appear again on Jan 28th…that is, until I received an email the other day from Richard notifying me that he had been fired “without cause or warning”. Given the sometimes controversial nature of Richard’s show, one can but wonder what precipitated this action. – Adam



On Tuesday January 20th, 2009 controversial Canadian broadcaster Richard Syrett was terminated from his post at juggernaut radio station NewsTalk 1010 without warning. Despite rising profits (Astral Media recently announced first quarter profits rose to $42.4 M, from a year ago – $37.5M) Canada’s largest radio and pay-TV operator chose to fire this courageous man. All the more puzzling is the fact that his show remained one of the top rated evening programs in the market. And, recently the station expanded his format from two hours to three and then from four nights a week to five.

Syrett’s Show quickly became a beacon of hope, light and truthfulness in an otherwise bleak and insipid, radio wasteland after his return to CFRB’s fold in early 2007. Prior to that, he exposed evil and corruption Friday nights on AM 640. His faithful fan-base, extended across North America and around the world listening in on the internet.

Tonight, the ‘owners of the system’ ‘the unelected oligarchs,’ as he calls them, can sleep well knowing he has been silenced. Their insatiable and sick appetite for world domination and enslavement can continue unabated having erased this meddlesome talk show host from public consciousness.

Syrett, an Orthodox Christian and devouted father of two-yr-old twin boys, provided an invaluable and quickly vanishing platform for fellow truth-seekers. His opinions and those of his eloquent and accomplished guests often cut across the grain of conventional wisdom and entrenched dogma, no doubt becoming a constant source of irritation and embarrassment for the old guard and crusty gatekeepers who control the news while attempting to program our reality. Thanks to this brave broadcaster, who chose truth over job security, we were able to hear people like Dr. Len Horowitz, whose book “Emerging Viruses, AIDS and EBOLA exposed the genocidal operations of a cabal of petro-chemical/pharmaceutical industrialists. While virtually every major media outlet in Canada, if not the world, was swooning and gushing like teenagers over Barak Obama, Richard asked tough, unpleasant, and very unpopular questions. Alas, some are speculating it may have been Richard’s last series of shows with Phillip J. Berg, the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania,that cost Richard his job. Berg, an attorney and lifelong Democrat is fighting before the U.S. Supreme Court and a federal Circuit Court to force President Obama to provide a valid birth certificate and thus prove or disprove the growing mountain of compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen of the United States and therefore ineligible to occupy The White House.

Then there was Dr. Timothy Ball, retired Canadian climatologist who has the temerity to challenge the mantra of ‘global warming.’ Again it was through Richard’s show we became aware of the globalist scheme to end our sovereignty by merging this great land with the U.S. and Mexico. Where did many, if not most of us learn about the Federal Government’s plan to severely curtail consumers’ access to many natural therapeutic products? Who on Canadian mainstream airwaves has devoted more airtime to exploring alternative energy, suppressed scientific and medical discoveries, and the 60-year government cover-up of UFOs?

Do we simply lie down like sheep and allow this to happen? Or do we finally say, enough is enough and ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!’

Fellow truth seekers, let us band together as one, not for Richard’s sake. This is not about preserving a pay-check. This is about preserving our access to truthfulness and openness on the airwaves. I ask you to participate in a rally in support of The Richard Syrett Show in front of Astral Media Radio at 2 St. Clair Avenue, on the northwest corner of Yonge and St. Clair on Monday January 26th between 11:00am and 2pm.

And finally, as you consider whether to attend the rally in support of The Richard Syrett Show, I ask you to remember the words from Matthew 10:26 which Richard used each night to close his show.

“Don’t be afraid of them, for there is nothing covered that will not be revealed; and hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in the ear, proclaim on the housetops”.

CONTACT: Patrick Whyte

Conspiracy Culture

Administrator of Fans of The Richard Syrett Show (Facebook)

1696 Queen Street West

416.916.1696 patrick @ conspiracyculture.com


NewsTalk 1010

CFRB Program Director

Steve Kowch




Alain Bergeron

Vice-President, Brand Management and Corporate Communications

Astral Media inc.

2100 blvd. Sainte-Catherine West 10th

Floor Montréal (Québec)

H3H 2T3 Tel.: (514) 939-5000

~ by gorightly on January 24, 2009.

28 Responses to “Why Was Richard Syrett Silenced?”

  1. I trust and hope that Richard Syrett will be picked up by XM or Sirus Radio, who can deal without fear with the unusal topics presented by Mr. Syrett, or like Art Bell and others set up a radio station in his home. I have faith that Richard Syrett will be back. Don’t give up Richard.

  2. Syrett’s sacking is astonishing, especially since he was one of 1010’s most popular hosts. If 640 picks him up, then look out CFRB.

  3. I was tuning in as was my usual visit to CFRB for the last week and felt absolutely distraught at not being able to find my favorite show hosted by Richard Syrett, There was no mention as to why he was off the air. The replacement programs are repeats and boring. It was a fluke that I found this Website with the explanation. I have recommended Richard Syretts program to many people . The fact that he has been removed only reenforces my desire to be able to listen to him. There isn’t another program that can compete. Please let me know if and when he will be returning to the air, Thank you

  4. Just stay tuned to Richard’s website for updates.

  5. Never in my 41 years have I come across such a marvelous and entertaining show as Richards. I became a regular and soon deleated those other stations to make room for CFRB and Richard. With him now off the air, CFRB is relegated to yahda yahda talk radio like the rest of those “cold timid souls that know neither victory or defeat.”

  6. I found Richard Syrett thru one of his guests, Dr. Joye Pugh. She will finally be on Coast to Coast February 9. I hope she will mention Richard Syrett’s dismissal on the air. I was actually starting to listen more to CFRB than Coast to Coast. I really truly found his shows great and am still listening to his archives. Yes, I believe CFRB will go down the tubes without this great show. (unless they were monetarily compensated by the powers that be to dismiss him)

  7. It’s the Canadian way – if some one starts to do well then pull the rug out from under them.

  8. i heard it had to do with his last interview in which his guest discussed e.g. the constitutional illegitimacy of Obama as AmeriKa’s President, because he was actually born in Kenya.

  9. Could very well be, as that was Richard’s last interview.

  10. Cancelling The Syrett Show was a travesty…..the worst kind of censorship!

  11. Again another outrage by this corporate media world in which we live. Richard Syrett helped inspire & made me feel less “brainwashed” than anything else on the airwaves. Send Richard an email of support, I think he really needs to know we are out there.

  12. I would first like to say,I’m shocked to hear the date Jan.20,2009. Richard Syrett losing his job without warning-talk about being used 😦 It would appear Richard Syrett’s style of investigative format.Had in TIMING, hit a NERVE of power that holds us hostage of TRUTH on this planET.I feel Richard’s diversity and richness of International guests ” spooked ” those of POWER.Darkness hates light to unveil deception.Especially towards greater numbers for those who simply question power in/out the box with a little more confirmation ?.For those involved~ CFRB~Astral Media~ much higher excecutives ~~ FOR THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO * JUST take ORDERS FROM THE CORE OF THE NUCLE~US OF POWER FOR A TOTAL MARK~ET RACK`ET .PS DO YOU CARE FOR YOUR HUMAN FAMILY’S EXISTENCE IN TRUTH ? UFO U~~Find ~Out

  13. brainwashed by the media is right,,what ever happend to free speech. I loved his show,,,thinking out side of the box,he helped a lot of people understand what is going on in our world and beyond,,,how sad to have him taken off the air,,the truth is STILL out there,,,this you can not stop!!!

  14. I was a regular listener on Richard’s program. I’m very sorry for what happened. I agree with all the other comments about Richard’s show. His program is very much missed. We need more people like him.

  15. Syrett firing gets mentioned on the Alex Jones show

  16. I Loved the Richard Syrett show, the only program I regularly listened too. I found him unbelievably courageous to cover topics that no one else would dare speak about. We need opposing views to make us think. We are starved for this kind of information. Richard is sorely missed and we will all be impoverished if he does not continue to bring us truthful revelations and alternative perspectives.

  17. I met Richard at the ‘Conspiracy Cultur’ book store yesterday. What a great place. It was a chance to thank him and some of his regular contributors for shining the light upon those dark shadowy subjects that should be receiving more attention. “Therefore, let you light so shine, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” J.C.

  18. Is there video posted of appearance on the Micheal Coren Show?

  19. I truly miss Richard’s show. It was a wonderful combination of intelligence, daring and creativity. Sure, there were guests and theories that were too ‘out there’ for my tastes, but it was entertaining and informative – hard to find that mix these days! I don’t even listen to CFRB any more after 10 pm, whereas I regularly listened to Richard’s show.

  20. 1010 CFRB is an awful radio station. It is unlistenable with all the commercials and crap and fake infomercial radio shows. Richard’s show was the only real thing on that station and now that it’s gone, so is CFRB in my mind. I’ll never tune into them again.

    AM640 should snap Richard up ASAP. He’d be great on there along with The Spaceman (A View from Space, Saturday nights at 11 pm) and Coast to Coast AM (nightly). AM640 has the guts to allow truth speakers on their air waves and they have my loyalty all the way.

    The Spaceman’s slogan is “Exercising the right to free speech while he still can”.
    Sounds like Richard’s right to free speech has been squashed by the money grubbers at Astral. It’s sickening.

    I hope to hear Richard’s new show and hope to hear him on AM640 sometime in the near future.

    Thanks for this article.

    • And as of now(last showon 11.11.17) The Spaceman has been silenced. Re-rolls of C2C cancelled. The 1am C2C show will be gone as well in mid Dec. 2017.
      R. I. P. Canadian free speech

  21. Although I did not agree with everything presented in Richard’s show it was indeed highly entertaining. I suspect that there is a more nefarious reason for his firing. Freedom of expression is no longer a freedom in the western world. Even dangerous to mention of certain groups or topics.

  22. just in case you didn’t know… The Richard Syrett Show launches at 10am EST (in just over an hour from now).

    You can hear it in two places:

    Today’s guests are:
    – Joel Skousen: Backstage in the Global Theatre
    – Nils Hammaren: Countdown to Armageddon
    – Victor Viggiani: UFO Disclosure
    – Bill Gibbons: This Month in Cryptozoology


    Send an email to Glastonbury Radio telling them that you’re tuning in for Richard and maybe forward the link to some of your friends and get them to tune in also.

  23. Yeah it’s a conspiracy to silence him !!!! oh wait nevermind he has 2 TV shows now too…
    If anything, newstalk 1010 discovered that the amount of wackos listeners wasn’t enough to make enough money.

    I love it when people get fired for normal logical reasons and conspiracy crazies illogically think ” they must be trying to silence us !!”

  24. […] put his career on the line, and lost his job on CFRB 1010, likely for his repeated examination of Barack Obama’s eligibility for President of the […]

  25. It was the green go go dancer

  26. I am glad that THE CONSPIRACY SHOW is on Sunday evenings on Vision TV and or Joy TV in Vancourver BC

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