Sexy Sadie, Where Have You Gone?

Sexy Sadie you’ll get yours yet
However big you think you are
However big you think you are
Sexy Sadie oooh you’ll get yours yet.

– The Beatles, White Album

Obit Manson Follower

The two photos, side by side, stand in stark contrast to each other…Susan (Sexy Sadie) Atkins at the height of her Manson mania contrasted against her final gasp of life after nearly 40 years in prison. Atkins died on Sept. 24th.

In the updated edition of my Manson tome The Shadow over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos, which I completed in February of this year, I made the observation that Susan Atkins would probably not live see the Tate LaBianca murders 40th anniversary (August 8 1969), given the fact that she’d recently lost a leg and had inoperable brain cancer. However, Atkins proved me wrong, living much longer than most of us who follow the Manson scene had anticipated.

Earlier this year, Atkins and her supporters petitioned California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant Atkins a compassionate release, given her deteriorating condition. However, the Governator refused said request. Concurrent to this request, a curious photo turned up on the internet showing Schwarzenegger with his arm around Atkins, most likely taken at Sybil Brand Institute For Women sometime in late 70’s or early 80’s when Arnie was visiting the facility in support of a physical fitness  program the prison had on-going at the time.

Arnie & Susie Back In The Day

Arnie & Susie Back In The Day

The above photo is just one of the curious connections you’ll find when looking into the Manson Family’s sordid history, many of which began well before certain Family members joined the Charlie’s cult. Case in point, the Manson Family and Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey. Susan Atkins, it so happens, was a gogo dancer in a Satanic revue that LaVey produced in San Francisco in 1966, playing the role of Vampire, as pictured in the photo below.

Sexy Sadie, You Broke The Rules

Sexy Sadie, You Broke The Rules

During this same period, LaVey and future Manson Family murderer Bobby Beausoleil co-starred in Kenneth Anger’s Invocation Of  My Demon Brother, as seen in a still from the film below.

lavey copy

It’s small world after all…

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17 Responses to “Sexy Sadie, Where Have You Gone?”

  1. it’s weird, scotland let’s the lockerbie bomber go and arnold the tax man couldn’t let a one legged old woman out for a couple of months..

    and that picture with arnold..damn, that’s creepy.

    where has jeffrey turner been?

    nough respect.

  2. It’s always been hard for me to see why anybody would consider Susan Atkins “hot” or even “sexy.” I could never look past that shadow of a mustache she always had going and her creepy demeanor ; That’s till I saw that Go-go Dance picture in Adam’s Manson book. She was pretty hot.
    Ok, now that I’ve gotten that crude, insensitive though out of the way, I’ll say this:
    It’s quite a shock to see her and her co-conspirators as nice looking old ladies now-a-days when one thinks about all the weird and cruel shit that landed them in jail. Did she ever show some remorse for what she did? She’s the only manson killer I haven’t seen an interviewed.

  3. It’s Satan’s circular ride. Hope on boeard for a ride to nowhere.
    You can argue for a conncetion with Manson and Jack Parsons as well.

  4. What’s the connection between Jack Parsons and Manson?

  5. No direct connection that I’m aware of….perhaps indirectly through the Solar Lodge O.T.O., but even that’s a tenuous connection.

    • A member of the Solar Lodge has written a book regarding the “true history” of the lodge, which is out of print and impossible to find. However, he has put up an abridged version on his website, and states that:

      “In an unfortunate twist of fate, the trials of those who remained in California coincided closely with the horrific Tate-LaBianca murders, and in the media-fuelled hysteria that followed, baseless accusations of connections between Charles Manson and his “family” and Solar Lodge spread widely. The Lodge gained a lasting and undeserved notoriety.

      There were never any sacrifices, of chickens or otherwise, as reported in the book, The Family, authored by Ed Sanders. Everyone fully well knew that the expected “sacrifice” was that of each individual’s ego. There were never any visits by Charles Manson or Tex Watson, either in town or in the desert.”

      above from:

      The abridged story starts here:

      • Also check out the following page for more hard to find history on the Solar Lodge:

        Particularly of note is the section regarding the child abuse case, starting midway through the page with the sentence: “The stories are very conflicting depending on who one’s listening to.”

  6. Yeah, O.T.O. could be it. Further more, Parson’s partner during the Babalon Working was Hubbard. O.T.O; Scientology; Manson.

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  9. It seems life has stayed true to form Suan atkins died with some one that (said at least ) loved her, she died with someone showing compassion and not alone i believe Sharon Tate, from all reports a sweet person, had none of these things in her last hour. it aint ironic it just stinks that’s all .

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  12. Hi Adam. I regret to say I have not had chance to read The Shadow Over Santa Susana, but i would truly like to. It probably has information in there that I need for what I’m looking into.

    I did in fact catch some of your writing about the Number 9 and John Lennon. Which instigated me to contact you regarding something, and that’s the 9th November 1966 and the official John Meets Yoko date.
    This I feel is an error. And not on your part. This is part of the mythology. The actual opening date of Yoko Ono’s Unfinished paintings, was 8th November, 1966. It ran until the 18th November. Lennon and many state that he met her the night before the exhibition opened. This would make it the 7th November. Because they were still setting up the exhibition early in the morning hours of the 8th, with a door opening time at the Indica Gallery of 2pm. Doors closed at 6pm. The only person they thought worth mentioning a week later in the International Times (which was was run in cohesion with the Indica Gallery by MAD Ltd. Barry Miles/Peter Asher/John Dunbar, and funded by Paul McCartney as Ian Iachimoe) that showed up “before it opened” was Roman Polanski. All 3 partners had personal relationships with The Beatles. But did not see fit to mention that Lennon also showed up at the gallery, to which they did want people to come to. They wanted people to buy their underground magazine, and visit their exhibitions. Omitting an early visit from John Lennon, whom John Dunbar supposedly informed a week ahead of time of Ono’s exhibition, while John was STILL in Spain no less, seems odd. But all and sundry insist he met her on the 9th, a night before the exhibition opened. Which was on the 8th.

    Please do have a look at my blog. It goes into the International Times advertisement of Ono’s exhibition, and the inconsistencies with the story told, and what was printed and archived. It kind of suggests they’re lying.

    Btw, Paul Is Dead. 😉 They say so at the end of Death Cab for Cutie in the MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR film. They just didn’t expect that in 40 years time, we’d be able to reverse the audio in the sound portion of their films. And funnily enough, the Magical Mystical Boy sequence in that film (during Blue Jay Way) kind of reminds me of Kenneth Anger’s work, just done not as well as Invocation or Inauguration. But definitely Invocation. Btw – only 3 Beatles watch the Magical Mystical Boy film. George, John & Ringo. Paul is nowhere to be found. 😉

  13. o my good sexy bitch susan atkins

  14. Susan Atkins was a hottie. She loved sex and drugs and had nice breasts and long legs. The picture of her in her pink velvet dress is the best.

  15. good

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