Sara Jane Moore Released On Parole

To ring in the New Year (bangbangbang!) Sara Jane Moore, failed Jerry Ford assassin, was released on parole yesterday. What most people aren’t aware of is that Moore and Charlie Manson grew up in the same sleepy West Virginia town, and there are even those that claim the two knew each other growing up. Where it gets increasingly weird is that former Mansonite Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme also tried to plug Ford and was equally unsuccessful. There are those who would suggest that the whole bunch of ‘em: Manson, Squeaky and Sara Jane were all MK-Ultra dupes programmed to undermine the 60’s counterculture.

Arthur bremer.jpg

Arthur Bremer

Earlier this year, as you may recall, another “lone nut” was released, none other than Arthur Bremer, failed assassin of George Wallace, who just like Jerry Ford is dead, so I guess it don’t matter anymore anyway…

Happy New Year!

~ by gorightly on January 1, 2008.

7 Responses to “Sara Jane Moore Released On Parole”

  1. Probably should be noted that Ms. Moore was also an informant for the F.B.I.

    Happy New Year, Mr. Go!

  2. Personally, I would never have this bitch Sara Jane Moore released from prison. In the USA, it should be mandated that all assassins, even would-be assassins, die in prison. Political assassinations strike at the very heart of a country’s polity, community.

  3. Maybe she was a bit off her rocker or maybe she was trying to find a way out or maybe she was asked to disappear? 30 years ago the FBI was a bit of a dirty organization and didn’t play nice, which was more often times necessary than not. But the attempt was half-assed (at best) and she made a phone threat prior which led to a ticket??? … perhaps she was hoping for an arrest rather than just a slap on the wrist but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I’m far from a conspiracy theorist but we don’t know what or who she was involved with or even is she was involved at a level that warranted such a drastic measure in her mind. She’s 77 years old. All the people she may have feared are either dead or retired and if anyone fears her now…well then, they have more of chance getting shot by their own shadow than by her at this point. I do however, feel that it’s a bad message to have released her. Is she a treat, I highly doubt it. But a life sentence is a life sentence.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think she is a “treat”, either. And I was a little surprised that such high profile “lone nutters” were released this year (last year). But, on the other hand, the crime(s) Moore and Bremer committed pale in comparison to the legions of murderers and child molesters that get released from our prisoners each year…Happy New Year!(For that matter, Sirhan Sirhan was probably an innocent mind controlled patsy, so when does he get parole?)

    It should also be noted that Lee Harvey Oswald was an informant for the FBI.

  5. Sarah Jane Moore and the Manson Girls

    “Terminal Island Federal Prison in Long Beach, California was a human Zoo in 1975”

    I started a 9-year sentence at Terminal Island Federal Prison (TI) in 1975. The highest profile federal prisoners are still sent to Los Angeles and held there. I spent hours watching the way movies were made and professionals like James Garner shot TV shows.

    Terminal Island was a parade of the Who’s-Who in the entertainment, business, political and crime worlds. They all got sent to TI and I met most of them while I was there. Terminal Island was the public face of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and anything but an ordinary prison.

    There were a lot of covert and clandestine operations (gone bad) that got buried there; sanitized and hidden from the public (berserk N.S.A. agents etc.). The horrors of the Psych-med experiments were contained there with the ugly story of how Vietnam got started and who started it. Those Psych-med experiments were compounded by the co-gender-correctional experiments that were taking place.

    There was a Special Housing Unit there where female and male prisoners were allowed to interact and be studied without their permission or knowledge. This ended abruptly when the girls of the South Yard dosed all the guards with LSD over a sex slave party. My band was ordered to perform at this event.

    Sarah Jane Moore and Sandra Goode and some of the other Mansion girls were being held on the South Yard while I was there. I knew some brilliant women at Terminal Island but Sarah and Sandra were not among them.

    I ate breakfast with Sarah Jane and Sandra every morning. Both these girls were high profile and high risk. I felt sorry for the Manson girls; they were misguided, freaked-out children that had hit the street too hard and collided with the devil.

    Sarah was different: she was the frustrated aging woman that wanted her 15 minutes of fame and romance. Eventually Sarah started telling me about the Ford assignation hoax. Sarah was an ID card carrying operative for the government according to her. She has covered up the truth about that showbiz stunt for over 30 years (she is highly dedicated to somebody or something).

    I got into an argument with Sarah about her involvement with a rogue agent in front of Sandra Goode at breakfast in Terminal Island Prison. I never told anyone about Sarah because she would have been killed, but I never spoke to her again (over 30 years ago and I still remember where we were sitting in the chow hall–not bad for an old hippie).

    There is a connection between Terminal Island, Charlie Manson (1958), the Manson murders, the Manson girls, Lynnette Fromme’s suspicious attempt on Ford’s life and Sarah Jane Moore. There is an explanation and America deserves one.

    The Manson girls were pawns in a game, but Sarah was a bishop. Sarah was released from prison yesterday December 31, 2007. She should be an expert witness on what is wrong with this government and the prison system. I hope the best for her—they kept her way-way too long.

    This and many interesting stories about my famous and infamous friends from Terminal Island will be published in The Life Story of U.S. Hemp.


    Arlin Troutt

  6. What about planning to be a “would be assassin”, or intentionally not reporting potential assassins to police immediately…I think
    life-imprisonment should be, more often than not, mandatory in those instances too – its the only way to hopefully put a stop to these political-assassinations that threaten our communities….

    Actually i take an assassinated politican over 1 random person dead everytime…most politically overactive people are rather powerhungry and greedy, borderline psycbhopaths – first part of comment was an attempt at irony that got out of hand ( or maybe
    not..whatever,this is going nowhere rightnow..THX for listening for now!

  7. […] w Alderson w Zachodniej Wirginii, Moore uciekła na krótko w 1979 a Fromme w 1987. Istnieje też relacja o ich wspólnym pobycie w więzieniu Terminal Island –prowadzono tam badania nad narkotykami i […]

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