Transmissions From A Dying Planet

Adam’s unique brand of music has been described as SciFi-adelic, a blend of outer space and occult shadows, heavy guitars and haunting theremins singing songs of end times revelations and future civilizations. Many of the tunes on this album will appear in the forthcoming film, The New Prophet by Samuel Fielder.

Listen to Human Stew from “Transmissions From A Dying Planet”

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For a signed copy contact Mr. Gorightly at

3 Responses to “Transmissions From A Dying Planet”

  1. Human Stew is a catchy little tune, although I heard only workstation theremin. I own a real (well, Moog) theremin, if you’d like some back up on your next album.

    Space is the place!

  2. Yes, I would like to collaborate…I am currently working on a few new tunes!

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