Satanic Sammy-Baby!

One  persistent rumor surrounding the Manson murders was that Jay Sebring had lured some of Manson’s girls into sado-porno films that he and his Hollywood friends were filming, whipping and beating them before the camera, which conceivably ignited the Tate/LaBianca murders as a form of retribution performed by Charlie’s gang. When one delves into the perverse milieu of the late 60’s Hollywood scene, it doesn’t take an overwhelming leap to entertain the possibility that all of this kinky weirdness might have, in someway, led to the murderous rituals that later unfolded.

Jay Sebring

Jay Sebring

In this regard, Jay Sebring attended a medieval themed party in Hollywood shortly before the murders which featured a “game.” Sebring put on a white hood and allowed other guests to tie a noose around his neck, fastening the end of the rope to a ceiling beam. A death sentence was read and the crowd counted in unison for the moment when the chair would be knocked out from under his legs. Some of the guests, apparently twisted on drugs, actually wanted to kick the chair out from under Jay, but his date — fearing that the doped-up “beautiful people” would actually hang him — screamed out, and Sebring came down off the mock gallows, removed his hood and smiled.

Michael Aquino, Sammy & LaVey

Michael Aquino, Sammy & LaVey


In his autobiography, Why Me?, Sammy Davis, Jr. recounted a party he attended in the late 60s, which turned out to be a orgy highlighted by a simulated virgin sacrifice. To his surprise, Davis discovered that the hooded man acting as the leader of the “coven” was Jay Sebring, who — as Davis described — had always been “a little weird.” Sebring had constructed a dungeon in his basement, and tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to entice Davis over to view the “real antique pieces” he had collected, consisting of various torture weapons. Shortly after the party, Davis met Anton LaVey, who warned him not to get involved in the Church of Satan unless he was totally serious about the commitment. Sammy, while not totally serious, joined anyway because he “wanted to have every human experience” possible. In his Vegas nightclub act, Sammy openly flaunted one symbolic red fingernail, and wore a Church of Satan Baphomet pendant around his neck. “The chicks loved it,” playboy swinger Sammy noted, a smoke dangling from his lips. At one point, things started getting even too weird for Sammy-baby. “One morning after a ‘coven’ that wasn’t quite fun and games,” he recalled, “I got some nail polish remover and took off the red fingernail.”

Satanic Sammy-baby!

Satanic Sammy-baby!

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  1. Fascinating! Man, I love Adam Gorightly’s writing.

  2. Thanks, Matt. We aim to please here at Untamed Dimensions.

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