Tuesday Weld Conspiracy?

16 August, 2007 (14:29) | Duncan/Blake Mystery


I’m sorry, I thought I was familiar with most of the variation of Illuminati lore. Evidently there’s a version that puts Tuesday Weld in the center of the Illuminati conspiracy. Thanks to a friend (who I’ll name if he wants…wasn’t sure) for telling me about it. I don’t have too much time to look much into it just now but maybe others know about it. A bit from Adam Gorightly:

Turner’s conspiratorial cosmology revolves around 60’s sex kitten Tuesday Weld, who, Jeff contends, descended from a royal bloodline of Druid witches, and at a very early age had been selected as high priestess in the international Illuminati hierarchy. From this position of occult authority, Weld was able to wield great control over the 60’s counterculture, secretly influencing such luminaries as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, among other rock groups and movie stars of the era, meanwhile pulling the strings behind world events, exercising her occult influence in the realms of political intrigue.

This would explain the Tuesday references everywhere. I’m told Duncan liked Tuesday, and yet another page that is connected has the first post being “I hate Tuesday”. So I guess that sorta helps keep score here. Or something.

Sorry for being slow on the uptake. I guess “Tuesday Weld” and Illuminati High Priestess just didn’t click in my own cosmology. Gorightly has an article in Steamshovel Press about this, but I haven’t read it. Or maybe just go to his page and check out the links he provides. There are two audio files.

Please note, I do not personally believe Tuesday Weld is an Illuminati high priestess. In fact, I don’t even believe in the “Illuminati” beyond the historical one in Bavaria. It’s their mythology we are exploring. But keep in mind that there ARE people out there who believe this, including, evidently, Jeff Turner who will take this to extremes. That’s why I have objected to groups who intentionally spread this sort of disinformation for whatever reason. Here’s a disturbing article about Turner, lifted from Gorightly’s site:


 That said, Weld does come from old Boston Brahmin money, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Weld family name pop up when looking at the structure of our ruling elites. And she was also a “child model”, so who knows what darkness may lie underneath the Illuminati cover story. Also, you might have a google about William Weld, former Republican Governor of Massachusetts who resigned to become U.S. ambassador to Mexico under Clinton. That would explain the weird “Mexican Maid” reference I recently saw on Eve’s website.

If you don’t speak Spanish, all you need to remember is that “U.S. Embassy building in the Federal District of Mexico” is often simply abbreviated “CIA.” In fact, I believe it may be the largest CIA station in the world. So, here we have our same old conundrum. On the one hand we have some references to rather elaborate and poorly sourced conspiracy theories but on the other, we dig a tiny bit and see that there may be some deeper story that is being pointed to . In fact, I’m afraid I have to say that when it comes to drug trafficking, child trafficking and prostitution and even Satanic cult type murders, we are on frighteningly factual grounds. I don’t mean to point the finger at Mexico…the point is that the U.S. is a primary “customer” in relation to all of the above.

Please note, I have zero evidence that Tuesday or William Weld have anything to do with any of that (though a U.S. ambassador to Mexico would certainly be aware of such things, especially given all the handy CIA gadgets and assets sitting in the same building) but I am suggesting that there is a real story under the bizarre “Illuminati” references.

What that ultimately means? I’m not sure.

Edit: The mystery deepens. I keep getting told that Duncan was “really into” Tuesday Weld, hence this post. Or read this L.A. Times article:

Duncan was intrigued by beautiful, thwarted women: starlets who never quite reached icon status, like Tuesday Weld, and it can’t be said that she wasn’t, to some degree, interested in suicide. She asserted that Jean Seberg was driven to suicide by the FBI. She posted photographs by Francesca Woodman, the beautiful self-portraitist who jumped out a window at 22. Hunter Thompson’s suicide note, she informed us, was titled “Football Season Is Over.” She also posted poems by Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton and Sarah Hannah, a Boston poet who took her own life this May at age 40.

Why do I find this odd? Well, try it yourself. Google this: inurl:witostaircase “tuesday weld”

Go ahead and hit “repeat search with omitted results included”. At first it might look like 7 or 8 hits, but look again. Most of them are simply the same article or another, unrelated article with a link indicating that the PREVIOUS article was about Tuesday Weld. In fact, on the whole blog, I find only TWO mentions of Tuesday Weld. And yet the above article is the second source I’ve seen point me in the Tuesday Weld direction. That is a SERIOUSLY close reading of the blog, I have to say.

~ by gorightly on September 25, 2007.

11 Responses to “Tuesday Weld Conspiracy?”

  1. i love the flying saucer nostalgia, keep it going.

  2. tuesday can be my illumanati any time she wants

  3. Yeah, she’s an Illumi-hottie!

  4. And sometimes Illuminaughty!

  5. Классный сервис! Спасибо! Бум пользоваться

  6. Alaev, никому не пригодится, нет толка от каталога Апорта.

  7. Иногда кажется что всё идёт как по маслу, и только потом понимаешь, что это был вазелин

  8. After the discovery of the electric arc in 1800 by Humphry Davy there was little development in electrical welding until Nikolay Benardos developed carbon arc welding, obtaining patents in the 1880s showing a rudimentary electrode holder.

  9. interesting tuesday hottie

  10. When it comes to composing great articles you definitely know your onions,
    high 5 bro! ! !

  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/12077310/Wilfrid-Weld-landowner-obituary.html

    Wilfrid Weld, who has died aged 81, was the owner of the Lulworth Estate in Dorset and the head of a notable Roman Catholic family.

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