The Tonopah Tiger Man–human-tiger-enjoys-climbing-trees-eats-raw-meat-day.html

~ by gorightly on February 14, 2010.

13 Responses to “The Tonopah Tiger Man”

  1. This Tiger Man guy needs his brain examined.

  2. He needs a CAT scan.

  3. he needs to get a life ..
    needs to see the doctor ..
    and he is one sad bastard x

  4. meh.. I saw a TV special on this guy.
    He is working and earning enough, to make thsese operations. And actually wishes to be more tiger like (to have tail n stuff) ..

    honestly – if he is capable to work, I really don’t mind anything he does to entertain himself in his free time, even if it’s turning himself into a tiger hah

  5. Also I think the dude has more life than some of you internet nolifers

  6. i think he is more than anyone can ever be and i love the fact that he has curage to do what he likes to himself and to not worry what other idiots think about him. in fact i love him. i also wish to have modifications to my self when i get money to do so. im 20 years old and a black house cat tattos will take about five years to complete

  7. Let it be known that tiger man now lives in San Diego, Hillcrest, to be specific! Purrrrrrfect!

  8. For reals?

  9. To “Capitalis” if we are “nolifers” what you doing here , how you find us ? , lest and you are nolifer ?if you are “no lifer” then what you doing here? and by the way , “kitty” that man named Tigerman, is a stupid one , a man whitout mind , his mind is cursed , his mind is unhealthy mind , he is a big loser, and if you love him , you are the same , maybe you are more missed than him , he was disfigured with own hand , so is worst man, a loser. As we left God , so we must be , not to disfigured with own hand.He think is more important trough this .

  10. ~* if you are not (no lifer)*

  11. hmm, I lived in Tonopah for 2 years in the 80s. It is a nothing town, wasnt even a McDonalds there when I was. I wonder where he got money much less a Doctor to do this to him. Defenetily was not in Tonopah, nothing there but abandon mine shafts, The Station House Casino and the Mitzpah.

  12. Don’t be a hater. This girl can do what she wants!

  13. I was in Tonopah, and he was at the supermarket . When I saw him, he had breast implants and whiskers. The locals treated him like everyone else, but if you have been to Tonopah, you know everyone there is on the DL.

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