Evidence suggests that the late Michael Parks was a member of the diabolical Bavarian Illuminati!

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This just in from my sources.



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Radio GoGo Episode 2: The Life and Times of Roger Lovin with Jean Marie Stine

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Radio GoGo Episode 1: Living in a Hypernormal World with Adam Curtis

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Gorightly’s Illuminati Man-bag Becomes All The Rage!

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Some time back, my friend Victoria Grimalkin sent me a cool  Illuminati one-eyed pyramid patch she embroidered. More recently, I bought myself a man-bag and applied this patch, which has suddenly become all the rage with my oddball friends. Thanks, Victoria!

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Infowars Meets Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In

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Is this the face of psychedelic authoritarianism?

The Prankster and the Assassin

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The Roger Spark and TeenSet Conspiracy

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