The Adam Gorightly Effect

~ by gorightly on July 19, 2021.

2 Responses to “The Adam Gorightly Effect”

  1. What a hoot! Loved it … The Gorightly Effect is sure a lot more fun than that boring ol’ Mandela effect.

    I’m recording a podcast with Conspirinormal tomorrow night. Of course I’ll plug SS&K. If I have weird lapses of memory, dissociative meanderings, psychedelic interludes, etc. I can now attribute them to the Adam Gorightly Effect! Thanks!

    I’ve got another podcast coming up with Grant Cameron. He wants to talk mutes/nukes. From our recent communications, I’m not quite sure where he’s coming from. Any experience in dealing with Cameron?

    I’m still “editing” the Whitmore book. It’s pretty dry but actually interesting about all matters MJ-12.

    Hope your projects are going well…



  2. Pretty colors and oddly enough, we watched part of a 2-part special on Manson’s additional crimes he was never charged with, and you gave a brief comment. (“Look! There’s Adam”) Everyone at UCSB was freaked out at the time by the murders in LA, and I was the same age as the victim (Reet?) they were investigating on this program.

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