“Mind Traps” by Agenda 23 (Chris Wilhoite and Adam Gorightly)

~ by gorightly on August 18, 2016.

3 Responses to ““Mind Traps” by Agenda 23 (Chris Wilhoite and Adam Gorightly)”

  1. All very satirical tastic with added creepy trips down roads of untruths .but as a piece not bad.. However there is already in place within this Universe and on Earth an act with signed songs and pending commercial releases known as AGENDA 23. So you could consider being original and come up with a new name that isn’t taken. Just a friendly suggestion to avoid future confusion etc. Assuming that wasn’t the intention.
    The original Agenda 23

  2. Greetings. Didn’t know you existed, fellow Agenda 23 Legionnaire. Our song was a one off using the Agenda 23 moniker as a riff on Discordianism and the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory. Wasn’t sure if we were planning to use the title in the future, and won’t bother now, so go forth and do wonderful things.

    • Hello and no problemo. These things happen. I note a similar motivation for its use.
      BTW, Nice unusal trippy track.
      Anyway..Most kind, understanding and all that stuff..shall take that wise advice..and bare much fruit(not #GMO) from taking the name to higher plains hopefully.. Time will tell..but all looking good so far.
      Good luck with all that you do..

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