“Free the Roswell Slide Documents Now!” by Adam Gorightly

Recently here at Untamed Dimensions, I posted a rather long winded rant (hopefully this won’t be as long!) concerning the Roswell Slides in which I concluded that: “It only goes to show you can’t keep a good dead alien down.”

Unfortunately, my tongue-in-cheek quip may once again prove prescient—although I had no idea that the poor little fella was going to be resurrected so soon after the beWITNESS bonfire had seemingly burned the whole thing to the ground.

True to form, the Dream Team narrative has taken another turn for the worse, and—much like our dead little alien friend that keeps coming back to life—I find myself yet again addressing this train wreck of a topic that, at some point in the near future, we can only hope will have a stake driven deep into its tiny alien heart, never to rise from the ashes again.

The motivation for penning my previous post came in response to fallout from beWITNESS when—one by one—Dream Team members emerged from those smoking ruins offering up apologies presumably precipitated by the Roswell Slide Research Group (RSRG) placard de-blur.

For those of you who care, my position on the slides was that I really had no need (or care, for that matter) for apologies. Yes, those who’d forked over hard earned dollars to attend the event or the pay per view probably deserved some sort of apology or refund or at least a pat on the head from Jaime Maussan.

Apologies aside, I was more interested in determining how this whole hot mess got stirred up in the first place and what exactly led the Dream Team to go on record that they had a photo (or photos) of a real live dead alien Roswell crash test dummy?

So it was with some anticipation that on Friday night last I tuned into Jimmy Church’s Fade to Black for a brief 15 minute interview with Don Schmitt live from the Contact in the Desert.

When Jimmy asked Mr. Schmitt how beWITNESS had gone so terribly wrong, Schmitt pretty much sidestepped the issue and instead launched a counterattack—not at Jimmy Church, mind you—but on those who he feels were responsible for beWITNESS and the Roswell Slides taking such an embarrassing turn. Schmitt delivered the following soliloquy:

“We were never the ones who ever referred to them as Roswell Slides; we constantly tried to reign that back in. We didn’t want to associate the investigation of these slides with anything having to do with Roswell. The thing that people focused on was that Eastman Kodak, their historian had dated the slides from 1947-1949, obviously, well—’47 —I mean if we’re talking about a possible body of something that’s not human then what else could it be associated with? So…They, the skeptics, were the ones who immediately labeled them the Roswell Slides. And it was as though they were early on trying to, as I’ve been calling it, a Roswell callback, this notion that if the slides fail, if they turn out to be something prosaic, something conventional, it then takes Roswell with it—it not only takes out the investigators, it takes out what I still consider the granddaddy of all UFO cases, and I wasn’t about to let that happen, and it was one of the reasons I put out a public apology…”

Truth be told, Schmitt never got around to really explaining the reason for his public apology, but only danced around it a bit more, stating that the reason they held beWITNESS in Mexico City was:

“…because a couple weeks before [beWITNESS], the director of the Museum of Roswell, and we’re talking about one of the most famous museums in the country, 200,000 people a year—it’s wonderful, it’s a destination city, you have to go out of your way to get there—and they were very upset that we were doing this out of the country, and I explained to them you have to understand, because if this doesn’t work out, I don’t want the museum associated with this failure, if it doesn’t work as we hope that it does…”

As it turns out, both Schmitt and his partner Don Carey are scheduled to speak at the Roswell UFO Museum  during the annual Roswell UFO Festival on July 2-5 and Schmitt’s statement in this regard seemed not much more than last gasp damage control or as a means to stay in the good graces of his City of Roswell patrons.

When I first encountered Schmitt’s public apology—or what he termed his “final statement”—I assumed (as any reasonable person would assume) he was apologizing for beWITNESS and the subsequent punch in the gut that he and his Dream Team colleagues received from the RSRG placard de-blur.

In his public apology, Schmitt said: ”I now realize that the image in the slides is a mummy as specified by the display placard.”

Schmitt now seems to have changed his tune once again, saying on Fade to Black:

“…this isn’t finished, that we’re going to leave this to the scientists that are still standing their ground and saying we stand by our original analysis, our original report, we are still saying this is not a human body. We don’t care what the placard says. And on top of it, additional scientists have now stepped forward…This is not a two year old boy! This placard claims this is a body of a two year old boy? And it’s not! It’s three and a half to four feet tall, and every other condition of the body is inconsistent with a two year old or even a thirty year old! So the plan now is that there will be a public science forum at a national University where these scientists collectively will present their findings. And if anyone is able to come and refute their positions then so be it, fine. But they will have to demonstrate evidence to the contrary…

“…Don Schmitt has never claimed that this was not a human body, but the scientists involved have. And so for Don Schmitt to even apologize, it was just to step back and say that, for the time being, until we have a final resolution as to what we’re dealing with here, I apologize to the UFO community, I apologize to all of my colleagues, that I relied, most likely over-trusting, of people, of even a partner with an anthropological background who is just a dissertation away from his doctorate in anthropology, and at this stage where he tells me, “Don, this body is not human.” At what point do you finally say, well, who am I going to listen to: the scientists or the skeptics, who no matter what we would have presented, would still be saying, ‘Sorry, Don, we’re still going to destroy you, we’re still going to destroy Roswell, it makes no difference!’”

One can now assume that Mr. Schmitt’s public apology no longer qualifies as a “final statement” and that he has changed his mind yet again, although he’s thus far issued no formal retraction other than this recent rambling Fade to Black monologue.

As for Schmitt’s claim that the “skeptics” first associated Roswell with the slides, it’s obvious that he was referring to the RSRG—although I haven’t a clue on what Schmitt bases these allegations.

Schmitt’s comment: “We were never the ones who ever referred to them as Roswell Slides” runs counter to the statements of Schmitt’s own Dream Team colleagues who have gone on record stating that the creature in the slides was most likely one of the aliens scooped up from the Roswell crash wreckage.

If indeed the “skeptics” were the ones who first made the Roswell Slide association, this theme was at some point picked up on—and ran with—by Schmitt’s fellow Dream Team members. Anthony Bragalia, for instance, earlier this year said that the slides represented “stunning visual evidence of a humanoid creature that was found crashed near Roswell.

More recently—during the beWITNESS recipe for disaster—Tom Carey proclaimed that: “I’ve spent many years in the graduate study of physical anthropology, and like I said, when I saw it, I was convinced that this was the Roswell alien!”

One of the more curious angles related to the Roswell slides concerns the Pentagon’s supposed analysis of the slides and their apparent confirmation of the creature identified therein as “nonhuman.” What would be helpful at this point is for the Dream Team to release, in total, the Pentagon’s report on the slides. Failure to do so would suggest (perhaps!) that the Pentagon (in cahoots with the Dream Team?) are actually withholding evidence of ETs visiting our planet, and if they fail to produce this Pentagon report in a reasonable timeframe, I would encourage those within the ranks Ufology—who are constantly clamoring for UFO Disclosure—to petition both the Department of Defense, as well as the Dream Team, for the immediate release of these Roswell Slide documents!

~ by gorightly on May 31, 2015.

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  1. Schmitt missed his true calling in politics…

  2. Estudio comparativo entre espécimenes de la fotografía de S. L. Palmer (1896) y la diapositiva de Hilda Blair Ray (1947) del Museo Mesa Verde en Colorado, EE. UU.


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