Those Kooky Christian Crooners

~ by gorightly on February 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Those Kooky Christian Crooners”

  1. I put your talk with Greg up on youtube! You guys are hilarious!

  2. Thanks, Floyd.

  3. I played this little tune on max volume for but a few moments, and now my wife is a born-again Christian. Fuck you, Gorightly.

    Not really.

    She did, however, make new lyrics.

    “I found a hiding place,
    It’s in Kazakhstan.
    I found a hiding place
    (It’s with the Taliban).
    A blessed hiding place–
    No one can get me there!
    A blessed hiding place

    She proceeded to cackle like a ninny. A very happy ninny.

  4. I am here to serve.

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