Adam Gorightly comes to ConspiraZine!

Adam Gorightly, prolific writer for Paranoia Magazine and radio host of Untamed Dimensions, will speak at Cafe Libertalia, home of ConspiraZine, on Saturday, January 28, from 5-7pm. Adam’s presentation will focus on his new book, “Happy Trails To High Weirdness: A Conspiracy Theorists’ Tour Guide.”


This book details his many strange wanderings across the fruited plain, documenting UFO encounters, mind control conspiracies and assorted doppelgangers that go bump in the night. Adam will also attempt to seduce the listening audience and stimulate their pleasure centers with his groovy, ambient  tunes.


After the presentation, we’ll head across the street and drain some brews in preparation for a podcast interview with the Church of Mabus, starting at 8pm at ConspiraZine.


Date: Saturday, January 28, 5-7pm and live podcast at 8pm

Location: Cafe Libertalia, 3834 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92103

Cost: Buy a delicious beverage…..and consider purchasing AG’s outstanding book 🙂

~ by gorightly on January 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Adam Gorightly comes to ConspiraZine!”

  1. The DopplG I thought was you e.g. 1990-94 HelL.A. column

  2. thanks for clarifying Byrd-Man

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