Sarasota woman telling Charles Manson’s story

Aspiring author, Heidi Ley, holding a copy of "The Shadow Over Santa Susana"

~ by gorightly on December 22, 2011.

7 Responses to “Sarasota woman telling Charles Manson’s story”

  1. Interesting article, but once her project reaches fruition, she will be forever chained to her obsession, Charles Manson, the little old guy who sends her mail and calls on the phone. Do you know if she considers your book one of the “good” ones? I’m sure that Manson has enjoyed manipulating and influencing another young protege, a former real estate agent, no less.

  2. This woman is nothing but a liar. These damn reporters need to verify what they print! I know Manson & he’s never visited with this woman and she knows it! I’ve got all the proof in the world this Heidi Ley is nothing but a bold faced liar!

  3. yeah, but she sure knows how to pose with a book

  4. that is pretty awesome….

  5. one of the best Manson books ever written she is holdng!!

  6. dammit myfirst comment and i pooped a typo

  7. I wonder why this Heidi Ley is not concerned about Charlie Manson, but is very concerned with the company he keeps. His regular visitors.

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