Mansonia Map

~ by gorightly on November 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Mansonia Map”

  1. Just curious if you’ve done Fly Agaric considering the Beserker connection — it shuts down the amgdyla. I mean LSD is one thing but in terms of experimentation I recommend Fly Agaric for that personal experience of the Berserker. haha. Then watch the Pharmacratic Inquisition because if you watch it before you experience the Beserker it wouldn’t work I think. O.K. Fly Agaric also acts as an MAOI so the DMT levels do increase as well. I mean what role did Fly Agaric have in the hippy turned mass murderer scene anyway? I can ask with sincerity as I used to write a zine with Kathleen Soliah of the SLA and she wanted me to publish the expose about the CIA mind control of Donald DeFreeze to help her trial.

  2. send me a sample

  3. Manson clan has nothing on this Houston family. Adam, this is right up your alley of the bizarre. Thanks to Bill Crider

    North Houston Battle Royale:

  4. haha. You’ll have to wait till next season. Here’s my play by play account of my fly agaric trip that I did the whole nine hours in full lotus while flexing my pineal gland.

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