Lindsay Lohan For President!

A strong advocate of seat belt laws, the use of designated drivers and getting totally shit-faced, our Candidate ain’t afraid to party hard until the cows come home and then wake up bright and early and go to work putting this country back on the map as a leader in hedonism and flat-out hawtness.

Vote LiLo in 2012.

~ by gorightly on June 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan For President!”

  1. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination I’ll vote for her.

  2. I have been pulled over and received 7 seat belt tickets in my driving career. Only 1 time was this part of a moving violation (or any other violation) ticket. It’s really absurd and it has, over time, cost me a grip. I’m a little more than just let down at her stance on this issue. I wonder if I could sweeten her up with some goodies and help change her mind…

  3. our candidate can be sweetened up with nose candy

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