Those Wacky Retro Album Covers

~ by gorightly on March 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “Those Wacky Retro Album Covers”

  1. Weird! There IS a Matador records currently, and they sign all kind of indie and alternative groups.

  2. Retro style indeed! …but, I think Tex and Lucky might be retro imposters. There was an entry on Matador’s web page that said they emerged from the Atlanta music scene around 2008, but what with time wave zero quickening and the coming singularity, aught eight could well be considered retro, no? Possible time travelers? What could Mr. Gorightly really be trying to tell us about these “Atlantians”? In a world where Adam Gorightly is Greg Bishop and Greg Bishop is Adam Gorightly, I just don’t know what not to believe anymore.

  3. No expense spared with that cover, eh?

  4. they found each other didnt they? midst all the Wild Wooly World, and theyre HAPPY in Lubbock… and they say god is ded

    it doesnt impede the relationship that Tex is somewhat Vision Impaired but hey that, as they say, is Fortune sighted


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