Happy JFK Assassination Day

To commemorate JFK Assassination Day is frame z343 documenting the tragedy in technicolor. The shock in Jackie’s face is vivid and haunting. The horror was palpable.

A day of fun and frolic in Dealey Plaza turned to disaster….

Shortly afterwards JFK found himself safe in Catholic Heaven, dead.

~ by gorightly on November 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “Happy JFK Assassination Day”

  1. The continued obsession with this war=monger never ceases to confound me. Yes it was a personal tragedy for his family and a shock to the US at the time. That was a long time ago and before you confer sainthood upon him, remember The Bay of Pigs and a little conflict in Vietnam! The guy was a mass murderer, no better than hitler or any other war-pig. Peace to one and all.

  2. And to all a good night!

  3. If Mr E cared to watch the freely available documentary series called ‘Evidence Of Revision’ he would find his views severely challenged as to JFK’s real intentions and exactly who made sure that those (peaceful) intentions were dashed.

  4. Who cares pro or anti JFK…the obvious message here is that Catholic heaven exists, and Jesus, all the Popes, JFK and other catholic figures are their…hey wait a second Jesus wasn’t Catholic!

  5. oops *there (not their)

  6. I have this portrait. Does anyone know what the value is on it?

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