Ancient Images of the Future Past

~ by gorightly on September 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Ancient Images of the Future Past”

  1. I think you found Indrid Cold’s spaceship.

  2. Don’t bother knockin’ if Indrid’s power mower is rockin’!

  3. The Title seems stuck in a conundrum that, in-of-itself, never will allow novelty to make a presence before a “back-dated” order of the archaic; Even making the mistake to presently avert itself to rear, “it’s ugly head” upon the despicable scrutiny of the future, while recognizing it’s Birth, which is Death itself, and a twin bastard to the unborn words of our unwashed thoughts while Baptized and ready to play Twenty-Three in the images of the future past.

  4. man, it’s funny you should say that, as I was thinking those very same thoughts the other day then wondered what the fuck I was talking about.

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