Chicks Dig The Potter Broomstick

When someone forwarded me the above article, I thought it might be some kind of gag, but a web search did indeed prove the veracity of this odd little tale of a toy vibrator for kids from six to sixty.

Here are a few links, alarmist and otherwise, about the Potter Broomstick.

Now, far be it from me to pass judgment on this electric broomstick, but whatever the case it carries on a long tradition of sex magick, going back to those witches of the old world and their Besom Brooms, which begat the lore of flying babes on broomsticks, which is exactly how they rolled “back in the day” after preparing a psychoactive compound they applied to their naked bods with said broom, then mounted the broom’s handle and “flew” or more rightly, astral projected.

Above illustration,“Preparation for the Sabbat”  is from  Monsters & Madonnas. A Book of Methods by  William Mortensen (San Francisco, CA: Camera Craft Publishing Company, 1936)

~ by gorightly on September 6, 2010.

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