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Hey folks:

I recently got back from Los Angeles, where I visited the Mummies of the World exhibit along with my fellow bloggers from Forteans West, Skylaire Alvegren and Adam Gorightly, as well as Greg Bishop of UFO Mystic. While there, I appeared on Greg’s radio program, Radio Misterosio, where one can regularly hear intelligent discussion on the various socioparapolitical topics dear to our hearts. Joining me was another researcher originally from the Ohio Valley, former USAF intelligence officer Walter Bosley, who has been having some interesting synchronicities during his own investigation of the matter:

Also, a couple of months ago, Vyz and I did our longest show ever on recent Mothy happenings. It is one of our best, and it comes in two parts:


In other news, my next book, Mothman Speaks, has been sent off and will be available this fall. Mothman Speaks II should be coming out shortly after that. These two books not only contain our usual interviews with witnesses and experts, but also feature an amazing collection of correspondence that I have received over the years from experiencers.

Hopefully these books will crystallize for the public the enormity and importance of the Mothman riddle. As Greg Bishop commented, the events can be compared to Fatima, but with a little extra thrown in. This explains why a skeptic such as myself has continued to look into it. Even with the 2000 pages that have already been written, and the 36 hours of video that has been shot, the thing just gets deeper.

As strange as it sounds, Gray Barker’s depiction of Indrid Cold as piloting a real, nuts-and-bolts flying saucer around Pt. Pleasant and Mound, seemingly spying on families, might be the most accurate of all. The reason why people should care about this is that it extends forward in time, where we now have the accepted use of Predator and other drones, various remotely piloted craft, including bioengineered insects with cameras, and 24/7 surveillance of most of our communications. By going back in time, we may actually be able to affect the future in some positive fashion.


P.S. Prior to going to L.A., I made a quick trip to Ohio, where I looked into some of the Masonic history of the area. While in the town of Washington Courthouse (where George Washington is rumored to have cut a “deal” with the Moorish tribes), I spotted this vulture in the historic cemetery there, which is filled with veterans who fought under Washington in Virginia and West Virginia. After wiping out Chief Cornstalk and his tribe, these men were later given land in Ohio. As evidence that the Indians’ hatred of Washington continues to this day, I recommend the recent film, Skins, starring Graham Greene, which was filmed on the Pine Ridge reservation.

Such feelings about Washington are highlighted in the film’s ending.

~ by gorightly on August 15, 2010.

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