More Moth Madness Courtesy Of Andy Colvin

Mothketeers: I just wanted to pass on some recent Mothy interviews. As predicted, March was very busy month in the parapolitical and paranormal worlds. At this link at Think or Be Eaten, there are couple of shows.

The first one is Vyzygoth’s The Week That Wasn’t show, where we discussed the strange event mix in the media during the Ides of March:

March and April are always months where several stories/issues are rammed through at once. This year, as last, we see pedophilia investigations of the Catholic Church, “healthcare,” medical marijuana, and other “progressive” advances mixed with sweeping losses, like the Supreme Court decision to call corporations “people” and to allow them to fund elections in an unlimited fashion. Interestingly, March is the month of Pisces, which is the most easily influenced of the astrological signs. It is the best time to try and convince someone of something new, or to change direction.

Directly under The Week That Wasn’t, you will see the show I did with Adam Gorightly at his new podcast Transmissions From a Dying Planet. This show features of mix of new Mothman findings with random calls from listeners. It also has two cool intro songs, one before each guest. In the second one, yours truly provides hypnotherapeutic guidance:

At yet another link at the same site, you can find a three-hour marathon show I did with Vyz at the beginning of the year. That show will be a late addition to a two-volume book set I am finishing up, tentatively called The Mothman Speaks. These books will feature the usual interviews and notes, but with a dramatic new feature: personal letters and posts from a variety of experts and witnesses over the last several years. Just surf to this link and find show #58:

Best, Andy

~ by gorightly on April 2, 2010.

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