Transmissions From A Dying Planet

Transmissions From A Dying Planet
A live monthly show with
Adam Gorightly and Vyz

Tuesday, Mar. 23, 1 pm – 3 pm ET


Catch the show here:

~ by gorightly on March 23, 2010.

10 Responses to “Transmissions From A Dying Planet”

  1. Adam,

    Thank you for having me on your show today. You made me smile with your Lucy the Pug comment. Lucy is actually alive (at least she was) and was adopted by a friend due to the duress of the assault back in 2004. She was family hence is very missed.

  2. Thanks, Solaris. It was my pleasure.

  3. The Blue Raven story. Amazing but possible. Heard corroboration some years ago, albeit compressed, from a drunk offspring of Lockheed-Martin family. And that guy “john Doe” was talking about it on Truth Brigade also….

  4. Frank,

    Please fill me in on the drunk offspring corroboration…and also, give me more info on John Doe on the Truth Brigade. I’m not familiar with that. Do you have a link?

  5. Well the drunk guy is problematic since he doesn’t remember what he says later. He had a habit of going black (if you know what that is…). And now he doesn’t drink. The other one was interesting but it felt like only part story with enough nuggets in there that felt true. You know…

  6. Show is already missing from talkshoe..I’m sure you’ve noticed. Must mean you’re on the right track !

  7. You know what else is missing? UFOMystic… curiouser and curiouser.

  8. The show is posted over at think or be eaten…yeah, UFO Mystic went due to a court injunction…I told you my legal team was working ’round the clock!

  9. Maybe instead of tagging one would call it bio-electric characterization. Here is a link to a patent that may be of interest–

    I’m sceptical that satellites would be the appropriate platform for a population scan because of the distance from the targets. Even low earth orbit is 100 nautical miles away or more. Sure would need a big amplifier!! EEGs still relay on electrodes taped to the head–very weak signals here. There have been experiments at Los Alamos using supercooled magnetometers–

    Separation from the subject is still centimeters. It’s possible that the signals Blueraven is referring to are other than traditional electromegnetic. Certainly everybody can sense, for example, being stared at, etc. Remember Rupert Sheldrake–

    In that connection recall some years ago interviews of Dan Sherman who wrote an expose of his experiences at NSA working on Project Preserve Destiny–

    In an old interview with Michael Corbin on the since defunct Paranet archive he (Sherman) referred to this program at NSA involving intuitive communication. One of the themes of the interview was the lengths NSA went with regard to electromagnetic shielding. As I recall, the company providing the technology was E-Systems. Here’s a link on them–

    Anyway, you may want to contact Russell Targ–

    We need some way of detecting and measuring these fields in order to develop countermeasures. I think the answer may involve detectors based on the Casimir effect and so-called Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics. The idea would be that these fields are variations in the zero-point field that could be picked up by nanoscale electronics, e.g. quantum dots.

  10. So. C’mon Gorightly. Fess up ! She’s your cousin and she needed the publicity for a book that’s coming out ! I ran this interview by one of my weirdy conspiracy enthusiast friends and he quaked and had to shut it off. Do you buy the Solar Blue R. story Adam ? An unknowing Manchurian false meeme emanator ?

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