The Illuminati Bear Claw Club

~ by gorightly on March 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Illuminati Bear Claw Club”

  1. These low tiered Bear Claw Illuminati fools (i.e., Will Smith and Pat Robertson) got nothing on the High-ranking Little Debbie Honey Bun Elite faction. They don’t pose for fashion rags and Mockingbird magazine photos. They are not to be seen, or named.

  2. On a related note I noticed Angelina Jolie shilling for the CFR in a short movie on their website here: Partway through the movie there is a shot of a pair of signs mounted on 2 columns in some subterranean setting. Each reads simply “23”. Watch the people’s hands throughout the video. There’s a recurring gesture with both hands open and facing inwards, as if holding a basketball at chest level.

    Also, the cfr webpage has a nearly identical color scheme as the untamed dimensions blog, only reversed. There are no coincidences.

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