Gorightly’s Top Ten Stories of 2009 (In No Particular Odor)

1) O’Bomber’s continuation of Afghanistan occupation and escalation to the tune of 30,000 troops, which suggests that “the new boss is same as the old boss”, taking his orders from the military industrial complex marching band. “The more things change, the more they stay the same” and other worn out clichés brought to you by our goose-stepping sponsors.

Meet The New Boss

2) The economy, stupid, and all its various manifestations like the stimulus package (bend over!), devaluation of the almighty dollar, rising unemployment, fluctuating gas prices which always seem to go down at xmas so the sheople can get out there and keep the phony economy propped up by buying a bunch of shit they don’t need. Mary Christmas, Savoir Money.

3) The Manson Family Murders 40th anniversary, August 9th, 2009. This infamous date conveniently coincided with the reissue of my tome, The Shadow Over Santa Susana. The night before, August 8th, I attended The Last Supper at the El Coyote restaurant in Hollywood, CA, where Sharon Tate indeed ate her last meal 40 years before on that same date in ‘69. Jon Aes-Nihil, since 1979, has been assembling a group of friends and fellow Manson enthusiasts at El Coyote to commemorate an event that changed the cultural landscape forever. Guests for the ’09 Last Supper included yours truly, Aes-Nihil and such other colorful characters as Mick Farren, Skylaire Alfvegren and Dukey Flyswatter. The following night, August 9th, was the official book launch for Shadow Over Santa Susana at Soapplant Wacko in West Hollywood, so from a purely self-serving standpoint you can see why this was one of my top ten stories of ’09!

2009 "Last Supper" at El Coyote (Photo by Gorightly)

4) The deaths of Soupy Sales and Mac Tonnies reported on the same day.  I subscribe to an email list called celebritydeathbeeper that sends out an email when a celebrity bites the big one. So on Oct. 22nd that’s indeed what occurred informing me of the passing of the aforementioned Mr. Sales, which effected me oddly because I had grown up seeing Soupy on his kiddie show then later on Hollywood-has-been-type-shows like “The Match Game.” In fact, I even had a dream one time with Soupy in a grocery store in England where the aisles were jam-packed with corpulent older ladies, diabolically surrounding us on either side, leaving us trapped in the aisles with no way out. Anyway, I wrote a poem at the time about my dream with Soupy, although unfortunately I only remember a couple of stanzas:

Gee, Soupy Sales
You’re such a funny guy
You know I tell the truth
How could I tell a lie?

Our merry trip to London
Was such a bloody groove
But the ladies in the grocery store
Just wouldn’t let us move…

Soupy led a long and fruitful life, so his passing seemed ironic juxtaposed against Mac Tonnies’ death, the news of which came the same day that Soupy passed, although it appears Mac died a few days prior of natural causes at his Kansas City apartment. Only 32, Mac — a rising star in the paranormal scene — was just starting to break through with a recent C2C appearance as well as the buzz surrounding his soon to be published book, The Cryptoterrestials. Although I didn’t know Mac personally, some of my other friends in the scene knew him well and were deeply affected by his death, which came way too soon for someone with so much promise.

R.I.P. Soupy & Mac

5) Shooting a rocket into the moon. Just seemed like a weird thing to do. But that’s just me.

NASA Shoots The Moon

6) Black squirrel and doppelganger sightings at ConspirayCon in San Jose, CA in early May. The doppelganger sighted was apparently yours truly witnessed by one of the speakers at the event, one Roger Tolces, who specializes in thwarting electronic mind control harassment with high tech equipment. At least this was the report relayed to me by Mr. Tolces, hisself. As for the black squirrel, this was a mutant version of the normal garden variety gray squirrel, and was witnessed by myself and anomalous investigator, Andy Colvin, who snapped a photo of the strange little creature. Both Andy and I came to the conclusion that San Jose, CA is some sort of hotspot for paranormal activity and subsequent high weirdness.

Black Squirrel At ConspiracyCon 9

7) Girls behaving badly. Once upon a time you could watch women’s sports and you were almost certain to be entertained with good moves, good curves and better behavior. But in recent times, women athletes, more by more, it seems (and maybe this is the whole culture we’re living in these days with Reality TV right in our face and the premise that it’s more acceptable to act like a total ass and treat your fellow humans like shit)  have taken on some of the worst aspects of male dominated sports, that of bullying and head butting  and similar assorted antics that were exhibited by one bad-ass soccer chick named Elizabeth Lambert  of the New Mexico State University Lobos, who  in early November kicked ass and took names in a game against BYU. Similarly, of recent note, Serena Williams went off her nut and said she was gonna rip some line judge a new one, just one further example of girls behaving badly, which kinda turns me on!

8)  Flight of the Rocket Man. Yeah, that crazy Swiss dude, Yves Rossy, who strapped some aerodynamic wings and a rocket pack to his back, then jumped out of a perfectly good airplane in an attempt to fly from Tangier to Atlanterra on the Spanish coast, but unfortunately hit some gnarly air currents, which jacked him all up and so he had to abort the mission and take a drink in the English Channel. Nonetheless, this gone Swiss dude — in my estimation — performed a feat worthy of that daring deed executed back in the 1970’s by the late, great Lawn Chair Pilot, Larry Walters. Rocket Man Rossy, we salute you!

9) Octomom madness. That dim witted dame, Nadya Suleman, got her self knocked up and pumped with fertility drugs (maybe not in the order) then spat out a bunch of offspring that will probably end up dumber than her. With no husband or visible means of support, this self proclaimed “child rearing expert” exemplifies the worst of our great country, those who strive to be on Reality TV shows and end up on the dole. Though I’m more libertarian than anything else, somehow there needs to be a law which stops dummies from having babies. (Am I starting to sound like Lou Dobbs? Or Bob Dobbs?)

10) Fort Hood Massacre. More straight-up Psy Ops from our friends at “Revelation of the Method Productions.” MK-Ultra meets terrorism when a psychiatrist of all things named Hasan (sounds like Hussein) goes on the biggest shooting spree since Tony Montana all stoked up on coke went batshit crazy with a machine gun in Scarface. All of this perhaps timed perfectly to justify the shuffling of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan as part of a shell game designed to keep the military industrial complex marching band chugging along!

Say Hello To My Little Fiend!

~ by gorightly on December 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Gorightly’s Top Ten Stories of 2009 (In No Particular Odor)”

  1. This is the goods. The finest top 10 list. Sadly, I only recently found out who Mac is… in fact it was in December when I received a copy of CONTACTEES (which does indeed have a nice solute to you!) and through some reading I found his website and learned of his death.
    Back to the list… good shit!

  2. George Vreeland Hill stopping by to say hi.

  3. Word up, G-Dog.

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