Chemtrails (stratospheric aerosol insertion) approved by the CFR, to save the Planet

Chemtrails are good for the planet!

NEWSWEEK – Jesse Ellison

There will be no climate treaty to emerge from the conference in Copenhagen this month, global leaders now concede.

But there may be alternative ways to help combat global warming.

Various methods of geo–engineering employ unorthodox means to cool the planet. Advocates say that some of these proposals could be implemented quickly and cheaply. One concept is known as stratospheric aerosol insertion.

A primer:

How It Works
Military planes (or helium balloons, that look like UFOs) spray the stratosphere with sulfur gases, which disperse and oxidize. The particles scatter back into space some of the sunlight that would have been absorbed by the planet’s surface. As more sunlight is deflected, the planet cools. It’s like an artificial version of an erupting volcano.

The Bottom Line
No major technological innovation would be needed, and, according to the Council on Foreign Relations, one -kilogram of sulfur could offset the effect of several hundred thousand kilograms of carbon dioxide. Potential downsides: regional ozone depletion, shifts in weather patterns, drought.

Sources: Copenhagen Consensus Center; Ken Caldeira, Carnegie Institution

Another exclusive from “Captain Reclusive”

~ by gorightly on December 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “Chemtrails (stratospheric aerosol insertion) approved by the CFR, to save the Planet”

  1. So umm, let’s just black out teeny bits of the sun too stop global warming? Yeah …. that’s the ticket. SMH

  2. What are they really spraying? And what is the real purpose for doing it?

  3. @ suspicious 1

    Your Blood… But I’ve never said that, unless you’re in level 5 of Monarch brain washing…


    Check out Cliff Carnicon. He’s done a lot of field testing the shit THEY are spraying.

  5. If these “clouds” are potent enough to kill my plants, what is it doing to all of the rest of us?!

  6. It seems impossible to get anyone to tell the truth on this matter no matter the source. They have been doing this since I was 10 years old just now at its fin-aly-ty, We need ever bit of sunlight that is meant to come to earth without chemicals being in the way. Because love and the creator would not give us something that would hinder our way. It is there to purify what damage man has continually caused. The heating up or Global warming is the entire sector of planets in our solar system and beyond, not just earth so the hoax is to get us all believing that we are the cause, so they can again tax us through the cap and trade. We already know the global warming is a hoax as well as the virus as well as the vacines. Vacines are supposed to cause more death than the virus and can make you age quicker and have poorer health. I read an article the other day about a lady who just got her shot and as soon as she received it she lost her balance and now is in a wheel chair with many problems I am not sure the extent other than what I have already said. A lady that was in good health and wanted to keep it that way who took the shot and wishing now she never heard of the vaccine. So what do you think? But it is hard to deny something that has been proven is no good. There is a man here where I live that has taken samples and had them analyzed by a lab and found out what chemicals were in them in a 24 hour period of time was the limit of what came down out side in what had been his dog water dish. The analysis partially was that the dish contained aluminum oxide, Barium sulfide, a thimerasol (mercury) and small amounts of other metals. That are not good for the body. That happened back in the spring/summer. People that get sick from this it is not easy to diagnose so they can’t find out what the problem is unless they run a bunch of tests $$ which then will only tell you what it isn’t with the Georgia Guide Stones as a mantra they go with the bunch that proposed . But you know the great thing about it is the massive changes including the elimination all negative energies transformed or removed from our mother earth. By there own unconscious awareness that take orders and do what they are told without hesitation or question. Like a good little puppet without checking to see what they are dispersing into the atmosphere releasing into the world and making a confirmed decision one way or another. I learned along time ago you can only follow your heart because most others are only inerested in themselves on the ego format which is rising above even as I write What is going on in the background that few know about will take care of that. We are helped in our prayers by the Creator of all things and others our ancient ken folk SV totally are here and teking care of business by Divine will to help for those who ASK, multiplied a thousand fold for the intent you put in your heart/mind. Love is the key to all circumstances everywhere. Spread the love and light and violet transmuting flame to assist in cleansing the earth. Because if you are waiting to here something from someone who is going to tell you what they think or what they think you want to here. You could be being what you came here to BE transmute what doesn’t resonate with you with violet flame turn all into the LOVE. Something we many of us have not been living like loving thy neighbor as thy self and loving first the creator/creation that you are let all the negativity and beliefs and feelings that have held you back or down and let them fall away in the name of the Christ Consciousness within me Iam that Iam protection is there if you call on or ask for but you have to ask for assistance you will receive. Blessings to all of you from my heart of hearts and the love of Creator to all Creation. Be still and know that I am that I am consciousness of love, truth, willingness to allow all good things to be and to let all that is unnecessary go to be cleansed by calling on the violet transmuting flame. Call on those that have been sent on Divine mission to assist. Be in full faith because it is happening every now moment of every day from now on Eternally. We are the ones that were sent here to serve mother Gaia and allow for her to Ascend imagination is the kwy to our NOW moments and much responsibility as well. We are up for the tasks and all we have to do is be and intend with feeling thought willingness and allowance to become the NOW for us as we intend. Is it not said seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and all things will be added unto you. If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can move mountains and bigger ones than these shall ye move. Bible Jesus Christ Just my observations

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