Stolen from The Unknown Highway

~ by gorightly on November 28, 2009.


  1. Persons who play on the ignorance and stupidity of others for their own advancement are the worst kind of psychopath and a bane on a quality humanity. I am filled with revulsion for Rev. Bob… another Glenn Beck, flailing a knuckle-dragging ideology as outdated as it is regressive.

  2. I have the same type of loathing for Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper.

  3. …Amen, bruh! The list is long even before we begin to disagree!

  4. Let’s not forget Rachel Ray. She needs a good spanking!

  5. Oh yeah — she’s too pretty to be any good.

  6. So thoroughly enjoyable. Alfred, don’t hate these guys, they provide me with so much entertainment.

  7. I gotta lighten up, I know… but I’m not entertained by gravid authoritarians who would legislate my morality for me, gladly, gleefully, and glibly, to facilitate their own wall-crawling insanity. I spit in his eye and charge for eye-wash. …But I sugarcoat.

  8. In one way it’s comical seeing the performances of televangelists. In another way it’s sad to see their duped followers. Post some Benny Hinn vids, he’s quite a flamboyant charlatan.

  9. What a crock. I am sure a homo-demon could bone em both on the spot if the demon wanted and they would cry out in joy as demons do no exist as shown. Demons would be everywhere if they existed. If there is a homo-demon of any sort they are active in all so called Christian religions or societies. Exorcists for hire? Yes. Just go to Bob’s website. Rev. Bob Larson is ordained legally as anyone can be online. Legally but ordained no free. Governments ordain at a cost.

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