The Church of the Huge, Throbbing Member!

Just the other day, while perusing Malaclypse The Younger’s Discordian Archives, I came upon an ancient clipping from a late 60’s outfit called The Hellenic Group dedicated to ‘The Worship of The Phallus.”  See the gory details below…



Then, as synchronicity would have it, I was surfing Facefuck yesterday and came (pun intended) upon a link to 5 Inspiring Religions That Worship Penises, which Discordian-wise relates back to the Law of Fives. Hail Eris!


Asian Chicks With Dicks

All of this reminded me of an essay I wrote many years ago (which I was unable to find in my files) entitled “The Ritual of the Phallic Phoenix” that equated the Bobbitt Affair to a ritual working of sorts, when lovely Lorena sacrificed John Bobbitt’s member on the alter of marital infidelity, only later to be resurrected in a porno flick called John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut.


Freemasonry, it should be noted, has long viewed the generative force — in the form of the erect obelisk pointing heavenwards — as one of the holiest of symbols, that of the human life-force jutting forth from the loins of the universal godhead.


Personally, I’d rather worship Ishtar.


~ by gorightly on November 15, 2009.

One Response to “The Church of the Huge, Throbbing Member!”

  1. I think that there was mention of a phallus worshipping gay church in Ivan Stang’s book High Weirdness by Mail.

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