“The TRUE History of Nazi Jewmany!”

TO: All Fanclub members
FROM: Oy vey el presidenté
REGARDING: Yet another *NEW* Dec rant added!

Greetings, fellow parroting puppet deadly niger gangster niger-trained
programmed robots! As President of the Dec Fanclub, I am happy to be able to report that yet another NEW, never-before-seen rant by Francis E. Dec has now been added to the Fanclub! And it’s just in time for Halloween, too! What could possibly be a better treat (or trick, if you’re part of the Communist-Atheist Conspiracy) than that? Not much, that’s for sure!

The rant in question is called “The TRUE History of Nazi Jewmany” and
deals with… well, the TRUE history of Nazi Jewmany! That is; history as
Dec percieved it. Did you know all Nazis were in fact Jewish? And that
they ate Polish meat products and washed their Poleskin shoes with Polish soap? You DIDN’T?! Where have you been your entire life, in that pesky REALITY or something? Pshaw! Let Mr. Dec teach you the real history of the Computer God and its reasons for exterminating and degenerating the Polish people, instead. Just click on the link below!


This rant also features yet another audio recording by the Fanclub’s own
Ted Torbich (AKA “TenebrousT”). Be sure to stop by the forum and tell him what you think of his voicework!

The Official Francis E. Dec Fanclub would like to extend, to one and all,
a very spooktakular Halloween! Be sure to get suitably drunk and stay out
too late, but don’t forget to check for DEADLY TOUCH TARANTULA SPIDERS in your candy!

That is all! Carry on!

Duly signed:

//Peter Branting,
Fanclub Founder and Prez.

~ by gorightly on November 1, 2009.

One Response to ““The TRUE History of Nazi Jewmany!””

  1. Heh, yeah, gotta love those Jewish Nazis! Damn them and their working-with-the-Catholics-in-order-to-transform-the-Polish-people-into-shoes wicked ways!

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