Alice Cooper vs. Soupy Sales

~ by gorightly on October 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Alice Cooper vs. Soupy Sales”

  1. I always liked Jerry Rubin vs. Phil Donahue. This era sure could use a time machine to extract some of these rads. He could just as well be talking about Bush, Cheney, et al. He became just another greedy yuppie and maybe he was just disinfo, but it sure is entertaining. Too bad no one can come up with the Joe Pyne Show tape with Pyne telling Frank Zappa “so I guess your long hair makes you a woman” and Zappa’s retort “so I guess your wooden leg makes you a table”. It is possibly urban legend.

  2. By the way Donahue looks like Farmer Vincent in “Motel Hell”. LOL.

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