Goddess Eris To Reappear In 2012?


Recent discoveries suggest that the monumental paradigm shifting event to occur in 2012 will be the reemergence of the Goddess Eris, thus ushering forth a new aeon of chaos and discord.

This Erisian epiphany was revealed to yours truly, Adam Gorightly (aka “The Wrong Reverend Houdini Kundalini of the Church of Unwavering Indifference”) exactly 5 days and 23 minutes ago, when I discovered — or perhaps was illuminated with the revelation — that the date 2012 (2+0+1+2) = 5, the most holy number in Discordianism.

It should also be noted that 2012 (20+1+2) = 23, the second most holy number connected to Erisian worship, and that 23 (2+3) = 5.

In Discordianism, The Law of Five suggests that all events in the universe are related to the number 5, and that this relationship can always be demonstrated…given enough ingenuity on the part of the demonstrator.

The Law of Five is further demonstrated in the Five Commandments, as well as the Five Apostles of Eris, the five ranks within Discordianism, and the five-fingered hand of Eris, which come 2012 will roll her golden apple across the world’s stage and bring about the biggest earth changing pajama party seen in these parts since the days of Noah’s Flood.

So hold on to your skirts, ladies: 2012 is going to be one wild ride!

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

~ by gorightly on October 12, 2009.

21 Responses to “Goddess Eris To Reappear In 2012?”

  1. We’re on it! DISCORDIA PROPHETICA: Eris 2012 Reloaded… http://sondralondon.com/books/

  2. I beg to differ. For you and other Discordians it may indeed be the great goddess Eris (Hail Eris!) but I think come Dec. 21st 2012 the way it will be has already been laid out by that masterpiece in cinema by Ivan Reitman, Ghostbusters.
    Whatever we think of at that time will manifest. I’m up for starting a movement to get every single male (and obliging females) to think of an infinite horde of Raquel Welches circa 10,000 BC, or like this.

    All hail the glory that is the fur bikini! The apocalypse never looked so good.

  3. Hail Rachel! All hail the fur bikini!

  4. I was talking to the Goddess Eris the other day. She has been on earth since 1968. She works at the drive through at a Burger King in Toronto Canada.

    After she got off work one day, we went to her house. Which is located in a gigantic subterranean mega city beneath Antarctica. There she showed me her huge collection of Barbie Dolls and antique time travel machines.

    During our wonderful conversation, she told me that human understanding of math and numbers is completely faulty. For example, there is really only one number and it is *(@(&(^><"/){^.

    She also revealed to me what is actually going to happen in 2012. In 2012 the Eskimo peoples of the world will launch a massive blitzkrieg attack on the entire world via dogsleds, snowmobiles and kayaks. They will be armed with harpoons tipped with antimatter warheads. The Eskimos will defeat all in their path and will become rulers of the world.

    Then she revealed something even more astonishing, that it's not really the Eskimos that take over the world but it's really an army of Loch Ness Monsters disguised as Eskimos. Yes those Loch Ness Monsters are more clever than they seem. And now you know the truth.

    Mr. Gorightly, the Goddess Eris told me to tell you that she has blessed you with peace, joy and prosperity.

  5. god, I love that girl

  6. The chaos and discord have already been perpetuated by those who would exploit indigenous peoples by bastardizing and exploiting their alleged prophecies. Eris is here, have no fear. No need to wait, either!

  7. How does one become a card-carrying discordian? Do you get baptized with rum or something?

  8. Love this post, I just hadda scoop this image for my own purposes. I linked back to ya tho.

    All Hail Eris AND the Furry Bikini!

  9. How come she looks like Anna Panquin (Sookie Stackhouse)

  10. Rub a dub dub! All Hail Crab Newburg….and The Furry Bikini!

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  14. Congratulations! You just immanentized the eschaton!:


    check out its sauce code:


  15. On 01-04, (which equals 5 for the mathematically challenged) 2012 (ditto), it was revealed to me here via a well aged Untamed Dimensions post, that the Goddess Eris will return to scare us with renewed chaos and caresses by the fickle finger of fate’s ferrous wheels of fire. I lie in weight for the holy day of wreck on inglenooks of pleasure.

  16. When I look at my digital watch, I often see that it is exactly 17 or 23 seconds after the minute. It often reads 8 seconds after the minute as well. This only happens if I’m not thinking about it when I look at my watch.

    • Wow, hereward, I didn’t realize anyone wore watches anymore, especially digital ones. How often do you look at your timepiece or even think of looking at your watch? Do you realize the probability of seeing 8 seconds past a minute and the statistical chances of seeing such during a 24 hour period? Holy Chronos, Bat Manuel!

      • I see all of those several times a day, which must be a significant percentage of the number of time I look at my watch. Robert Anton Wilson wrote an article (maybe more than one) (sorry, I don’t have the reference, I read it decades ago) on synchronicity and the number 23, or maybe more than one, because 17 also figures in there. Eight is also significant; you might want to check out Octagon Press.

  17. “[Eris] will roll her golden apple across the world’s stage…”

    Appropriately phrased. You have no idea how right you are. 😉

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