Another Google Saucer Attack


Are we being programmed for the big saucer shakedown?

~ by gorightly on September 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Another Google Saucer Attack”

  1. I just got a post up on this at

    I’ve been looking around online for info and the consensus official story that is shaping up is that this is all for the anniversary of H.G. Wells’ birthday, which is today.

    Happy birthday #143!

    Seems like a strange anniversary for Google to commemorate.

    I say they’re programming us!!

  2. A few things on my mind:

    *Freeman has highlighted 10/13/2009 as a date for a world changing event.

    *Blossom Goodchild’s supposed channelled message from The Federation of Light was that a large craft would be visible in the Southern Hemisphere on 10/14/2008 which didn’t occur.

    *Google CEO Eric Schmidt attended the 2008 & 2009 Bilderberg Group meetings.

  3. i going to drop fear. i am scared

  4. freakin’ fabian ufologists.

  5. […] Adam Gorightly today posted the question that is no doubt on the minds of some of us Earthlings:  “Are we being programmed for the big saucer shakedown?” […]

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