Gorightly On Coast To Coast AM, Saturday July 11


~ by gorightly on July 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “Gorightly On Coast To Coast AM, Saturday July 11”

  1. Finally! I have been emailing for them to have you on for years! Now the truth will be told!

  2. Fantastic! I’ll be listening!

  3. Adam, Great coverage of the Manson Mythos, but look closely at the murders at the Polanski/Tate home being in retribution for
    Polanski secretly recording audio at a black mass performed by manson and subsequently inserting it into the “crib” scene of “Rosemary’s Baby”

  4. What Utter Rubbish. Sensationalist Trash. A new low even for C2C.

    Manson was an ignorant psychotic criminal–nothing more. And some acidhead Internet conspiracy nutball spinning a paranoid whirl of really crummy evidence of absolutely no consequence is disgusting.

    They were pointless and delusionally misconceived murders, period.

  5. Steve! Steve! Is that you, buddy? I’m sorry folks, but each time some well-meaning author or TV personality brings Charlie more notoriety through books or TV programs, my wife Steve lashes out in enraged, impotent anger; for you see, he has had an immense crush on Chuck ever since Geraldo’s castigation of Chuck a number of years back unleashed a torrent of erotic creams. Steve’s terribly jealous and wants Chuck for himself. I’ll let you have some tonight Steve, even though I’m just a cheap substitute for the kind of virile, studdley cult figure you’ve always pined for.

  6. Keep your hands off Steve.He’s my girl.

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