Manson Mythos Road Show


Manson Mythos Road Show

From August 9th – 13th, Adam Gorightly will be on the road promoting Creation Books’ updated re-issue of The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and The Manson Family Mythos.

Join Adam & friends for the official Shadow Over Santa Susana book launch on Sunday, August 9th, 6PM – 9PM at Soap Plant/Wacko/La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood. At this event, Adam will present his lecture “Manson Family Conspiracies and Connections.” The festivities will also feature a music set by the band Flying Sorcerers, including their hit single Flowers & Blood, co-written by Mr. Gorightly. Also on hand will be Mysterious California author Michael Marinacci, reading his intro to Adam’s book, as well as a Manson Family look-a-like  contest and a bar serving adult beverages with a Manson Family theme!

Soap Plant/Wacko

4633 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90027

On Tuesday, August 11th at 7PM, Adam will appear at Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard, bookseller to the great and infamous!

Book Soup

8818 Sunset Blvd.

W. Hollywood, CA  90069

Adam will be winding things up on Thursday, August 13th at Perihelion Arts in Phoenix, Arizona. Doors open at 7PM, lecture at 8.

Perihelion Arts

610 E Roosevelt St., Unit 137

Phoenix, AZ 85004

So climb aboard the black magic bus and enjoy the ride!

~ by gorightly on July 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Manson Mythos Road Show”

  1. Adam – do you think you might make it up to Portland, OR at some point? Powell’s does a great job hosting authors.

  2. Powell’s in Portland is my all time favorite bookstore, so I’d love to do something there. I’m planning a trip to Oregon next year, so maybe then…

  3. Adam. Manson is an elderly man now, he’s in the twilight years of his life. Perhaps you could consider trying to get a face to face interview with him while he’s still around. It would be an interesting experience. A link to a recent Manson prison photograph –

  4. I have reservations about approaching Manson, mainly because such an endeavor would invariably prompt an FBI file to be taken out on yours truly. However, I’m not ruling out the possibility.

  5. Thanks for the response, Adam. The missus and I would love it if you ever get a chance to drop by Portland/Powell’s!

  6. I’m about to purchase the book but I’m stymied by the choice in the two editions available. The one from 2001, IUniverse publisher, has a page count of over 6oo pages (according to the Amazon page) and the latest re-issue from Creation has only 192 pages.
    What’s going on there? Will I be shortchanged in essential information buying the latest version?

  7. Go for the latest edition. Leaner, yet meaner. Lots of photos. Chicks dig it.

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