Elvis Presley In “Home Alone”?

~ by gorightly on July 9, 2009.

89 Responses to “Elvis Presley In “Home Alone”?”

  1. No Elvis was not in the movie, ‘Home Alone’….here’s why:
    In the clip you will see John Candy show up and he is standning next to the extra guy and both have the same height, that will not be possible if it was Elvis ‘cus
    John Candy is 6’3 tall =1m90
    Elvis Presley is 5 ft 11½ = 181,6 cm.

    furthermore…the guy is too young, enlarge a picture of him and you will see not only that but that it is not Elvis.

    ELvis Presley has gone!

    • do you think elvis is still alive cos i herd two money bonds were take out he had but one was left in the bank why and the documents on how he really died are not allowed to be public after 50 yrs of him being dead why is that cos if he is a live he would be dead then any way he would e 92 then its speculation i think hes out there some were the only way to prove it is to dig his grave up and test the bones what are in the coffin cos the person in that coffin was not elvis it was of a younger guy u look for that picture of him in his coffin and u,l see what i mean that guy was 2o yrs younger and skinny elvis was fatter

      • It was a wax body Maria:-) My friend was at the viewing saw the body sweating!

    • Elvis is 6`1 and is still alive…I have a picture of him and Bill Clinton together in the 90`s also have a pic of him in a pic with Reagan

      • I have seen those two pictures too, and along with this, I am increasingly convinced that the story of his death in August ’77, was fabricated. He was in Home Alone, and thus alive – at least into the 1990’s, but not sure if that remains true here in 2016. One can only hope. Anyway, would love to share dialogue on this if you like, anytime.
        ~Joshua (Aspiring.Inspirationalist@gmail.com)

    • it was elvis the F.B.I gives this report to be true so you better go to the F.B.I head office and find out for your self because it is so true

    • Actually Elvis Presley was 6 feet tall and above his left eye brow is a chicken pot scar. The guys name is Henry something. So please any Elvis fan will tell you the man died in his bathroom on the floor by his sink on August 16 1977.

  2. I have enlarge it,many ,many times and even digitally removed the beard. I have compared it to photos of over weight elvis and ones from his movie Charro. And every one i’ve shown,thinks it’s elvis,before i even tell them. You’d have to be blind not to see it,and hell,i’m not even a fan of the guy,and i can see it.

  3. It’s Elvis. A healthy 55 years old Elvis with a beard and he dyed his hair. I’ve never seen a guy who looks like Elvis that much.

  4. It’s just some look-a.like, there are many of those. Even the Director of the movie, Chris Columbus is lauging at this. Elvis is dead.- he was very sick…

  5. I have undertaken extensive research into this matter,and asked the only person who would know, Barbara Roche of Holzer/Roche extras casting ultimately responsible for hiring all extras for home alone.Barbaras email to me dated 1/11/09 reads ~~ i was on set that day with partner catherine holzer for 1 hour for a meet with john candy but was’nt there for the filming of the scene,also she had no idea of the myth surrounding the extra until my enquiry,she has studied the footage several times and cannot recognise the extra,so with that in mind she is investigating further on my behalf and will let me know of her findings

  6. Keep us posted on your findings.

  7. yes i will gorightly i am active on you tube and doing the same for all interested parties on there also.

  8. has anyone found anything else out about this yet?

  9. I thought Elvis was around the 6’1″ – 6’2″ area.

  10. That was before he was shrunk with gamma rays, silly.

  11. The fact is that the guy is not trying to look like Elvis, but his facial features are exactly like Elvis. Not to mention Chris Columbus did the fictional movie about Elvis called Heartbreak Hotel.

  12. Yes it was me, the real Elvis Presley in the Home Alone movie. Nowadays I currently perform as Lady Gaga.

  13. I have always been an Elvis Fan. I have albulms, tapes and cassettes that I have listen to over and over again. I have looked into his eyes thru the movies of course. I have this to say. Stranger in the crowd with Cotner has on the TCB ring on his right hand sitting down, when he is up with the camera, you don’t see it. I don’t remember which video on utube, but they show a close up after a song of just the brows and those beautiful blue eyes, I am telling you, this is Elvis. I am a big sucker for blue eyes, and I recognize several things, i’ve done a lot of research my self and then start putting them together. to Elvis: I say, don’t make a come back, the fans are still crazy and you will never be able to move about freely as you have for the past 33 years. Continue to enjoy your family when you can, you deserve nothing but the best. We will never forget you and your amazing voice and talent, which is why you sell 1.5$ worth of goods each year. You would get too much grief. Try to get your memoirs written and any other statements you would like to make to this cold cruel world. (I know you suffered horribly from the breakup with Pricilla. It took me three years to get over my broken heart. I understand that pain. And understand that ya’ll were soul mates, how? I watched the way you looked at her, your eyes and her eyes always meeting, lots of smiles). Have someone you can trust write them. You could write several books. How you have been able to accomplish other things, for the good of this country. Your travels around this great earth. Personal private should stay, personally private. I love you Elvis.
    Take care, I’ll be catching you on utube… oh!! to let you know I am hearing gospel songs on utube I have never found in the stores or on my collecters editions albulms and such….where do I get my hands on ‘The Greatest Creator of all’ and several more on the site. I would like a video of Vegas, 1970, when you sang ‘Stranger in the Crowd’. Do I just write to Graceland and let them know what I am looking for? Amazing how this all works out, huh. Sorry, longwinded aren’t I. I love you tender. (another cap)

  14. Sorry this is not Luciano Saber, looks nothing like him, he was much thinner in the face at that time and you can tell it is Elvis looks just like him, not only that, but he does the same head tick to the left like Elvis did. The actor was uncredited for years and just recently when all the questions came out about the actor, that is when Luciano Saber was added to the IMDB website.

  15. it’s not Elvis, use your brain people!
    The autopsy was reportedly very thorough and careful with several doctors participating. – nuff said. Elvis is died, this is just some one who looks a bit like him, Grow up and stop this nonsense!

    • the coffin had a young elvis in it go see elvis in 1977 video then see elvis in coffin not the same man photos doint look the same this guy you see in the coffin looks nth like elvis o by the way if you call the F.B.I a lier you go to jail so get your head out your ass and wake up in life man

  16. Dammit, people!

  17. Elvis faked his own death and was still alive in 2008 as Jon Cotner. Jon Cotner has posted some songs on You Tube which sounds very much like Elvis. He still feels the urge to perform and sing so You Tube is his stage today.
    I have compared old interviews with Elvis with the voice of Jon Cotner and I am convinced that Elvis today is Jon Cotner.
    The extra with the beard in Home Alone (1990) is most definitely Elvis Presley. He moves his head like Elvis always did at his concerts. Take a look at You Tube and find out yourself.

  18. Get serious will you..!
    There is no debate, Elvis is NOT alive

    • So when he comes out on 8-16-2014 then what will you say or think?

    • elvis on drugs never ever 1977 was not elvis ok so you know nth about him stick to your wife and dog leave the elvis storyes to us the real elvis people elvis dead bull shit im telling you the usa people now go and dig the mans coffin up then this will stop it has to stop sometime all people of the usa get the F.B.I C..I.A dig the dam coffin up so the bullshit will stop[

  19. Okay so it’s most likely not Elvis. Let’s be real here, but it begs the question. Who is this man and why did he never cash in on his likeness to Elvis?

  20. I think it is a computer generated elvis look alike that was put there post production.

  21. wonder why the extra has not come forward and stated he was the man at the airport scene makes one wonder

  22. The same extra was also in “welcome home Roxy Carmichael”.

  23. elvis presley is dead and i can prove it without any doubt!
    just read this if you are sure, that you wanna know the truth!

    do you wanna know it?

    okay here it is.
    elvis dies as elvis, dated: 16. august 1977 in memphis.

    since that date, elvis presley never appeared anymore on stage or anywhere else as elvis presley.

    maybe the body of elvis presley has survived and lives somewhere on this planet, maybe up to today under a different identification.

    maybe that man even sings like elvis and puts this onto youtube.

    but people, it is not elvis presley!

    you know why?

    cause elvis presley either died 1977 or he has choosen to “die”…therefore he is dead, even if his body lives.

    what it means to be dead is that: the end of a life as we know it.

    that is probably the best definition of death and includes the whole truth.

    death is the end of the life (of someone) as we know it!

    therefore elvis presley is dead and remains dead.

    and you all gotta accept that in order to honor this man and all he did. end.


  25. Elvis had a nose job.

  26. elvis did not have a nose job ,,,,it would of affected his voice

  27. The nose job happened after his disappearance.

  28. well a bless my soul what’s a wrong with u people….its elvis!!!!!

  29. I didn’t see a curl on the guy’s lips. Not Elvis..

  30. the lip curl was surgically removed in Mexico by Dr. Jose Gorca

  31. Elvis was in some bad movies, but always as the lead.

    He wouldn’t play second banana to Babs Streisand – so why would he be an uncredited extra in this movie?

    seriously, for a guy who’s supposed to have faked his death to leave fame behind, why would he have left such breadcrumbs?

    • Because he is supposed to be dead remember? He could not have come out of hiding as Elvis Presley…an alias name was used

  32. i don’t believe elvis is alive, or in home alone but that isn’t luciano saber and one has to ask why he (luciano saber) is lying about it. most likely to cash in on all this excitement caused by conspiracty theorists. what a vulture this dirtball saber must be lol. to address why the extra wouldn’t “cash in” on this excitement himself… he was an extra in home alone… who knows when he has worked since then. he could be a cashier at home debot and moved on with his life, giving up on acting completely. he may not even know this is going on. i’d like to know who he is too. long story short it’s not elvis but it is an awesome story.

  33. The extra in the movie Home A Lone, looks a little like Elvis , but he is not Elvis . Elvis died on August 16, 1977 . Do you really think he would have walked away from his life . Think about it he can never have an relationship with Lisa Marie or his grandchildren . He could not attend his daddy’s furneral or good friends . Charlie Hodge , ect. Elvis came to terms with his life . The pills caught up to him. His body began to break down . Over 20 years of taking pills to sleep to wake up and just to be able to function . When his toxic screen will be released people will see that he really passed away . I believe Veron told the state of Tennessee to release the cause of his death in the coming years .

  34. It seems some people leaving comments,don’t know much about Elvis;it’s a matter of fact;Elvis was 6ft 1/2 inch in height,he also had a size 9 shoe and yes Elvis did dye his hair from a young age as from the late 50s,due to going grey,he dyed his hair a Raven Black colour,because it looked good on camera,after slicking his hair back,he continued to do this,but stopped after his alleged death in 1977…also here’s a true story about Elvis;Elvis got fed up being in the limelight and wanted out;him and his Dad invested in a franchaise with a certain man,to launch an aeroplane service,as Elvis had two jets,The Lisa Marie and Hot Dog;anyway this third party embezzled the money,which cost Elvis and Vernon millions,the FBI was involved,as the third party was part of the mafia and Elvis was a witness,as well as a victim and vowed to swear against the mafia man;also let’s go back to 1973,were Elvis met President Nixon,well people believe it was because Elvis was refused a Narcotics badge by the FBI,that’s not true as such,Elvis did actually become an FBI agent,as he wanted to rid the streets of drugs,that was killing local youngsters near to where he lived;some of you maybe saying,hang on,that’s hypocritical,no not really and I’ll explain why,because when Elvis was in the army,not only did he learn Karate,but he also learned about pharmaceuticals,in which he became a bit of an expert;he knew what drugs were what;let’s go back to the court case;Elvis was made aware that a contract was put out on him,as he was due to give evidence against the mafia,so at all times when out and about and during concerts;elvis would have two guns on his person,strapped to each of his legs;his boots concealed them,also his bodyguards had guns on them and it was around that time,we all witnessed Elvis’s weight fluctuate,as he was dabbling with certain drugs that would be effective to what he had planned;also Elvis was super fit and in 1973 he achieved his 3rd Dan in Karate,he was higher by 1977 and he was heavily into yoga; Elvis proved he could get his heartbeat down so low,that it couldn’t even be picked up on a stethoscope;this proved fruitful in August 1977,here’s some questions ;
    Why is his middle name spelt wrong on his alleged headstone?
    Check all documentation,like birth certificate,high school etc,you’ll see his middle name was spelt Aron,after his dead twin Jesse Garon..his parents made a point of this.
    Also,why was Elvis taken about 7-8 miles to baptist memorial hospital,instead of the one close by?
    Elvis had access to Baptist Memorial,as he used to visit the morgue there and view bodies to say prayers,he even took Precilla many also how times!
    Also how come his alleged body weighed only 12 1/2 stone,when he allegedly died and why come October 1977 an autopsy certificate appeared with Elvis’s signature on it and that can be checked onlie!
    We only lose a couple of pounds,after losing body fluids,but he was supposed to have weighed 16 1/2 stone!!
    Also how come his coffin weighed in at 1/2 a tonne and took 12+ men to lift it?
    Elvis’s 1st cousin said publically that it was his cousin in that coffin,plus he stated a humming noise coming from the base of the coffin!…the list is endless,it doesn’t take a scientist to work it out,but I can say that Elvis had two insurance policies in his own name and a life insurance policy;after Elvis allegedly died,the two insurance policies were cashed in,which Elvis could have done himself,but how come his life insurance has never been cashed in?…it’s worth millions!…also personal jewellery of Elvis disappeared,a favourite car of his and $2,000,000 out of his personal account!…..so many strange things,even a paramedic said,that when he was called to Gracelands on the 16th August 1977,he vowed it wasn’t Elvis that he attended to,as he was a big fan!?……Elvis had his reasons for faking his death and he’s too well protected for us to know the real truth!…..Addios Amigo’s…God Bless

    • I agree with you accept for a few things.Was a wax body in the coffin.My friend went to the viewing with her family and they all saw with their own eyes a wax body.Even his own cousin said in an interview that it was a wax body 🙂 The life policy.it would have been fraud if it had been cashed in!

    • I agree 100% and I really appreciate that you have obviously looked into this thoroughly and you are one who knows what he is talking about. I would be honoured to share in discussions with you on this, as I am coming to believe increasingly that he is alive, or at least was into the 1990’s.. as of today, I am not sure but hope to get more of an answer in time..
      ~Joshua (Aspiring.Inspirationalist@gmail.com)

  35. Some mistakes have come up on my comment,Elvis’s cousin said it wasn’t his cousin in the coffin!..info on autopsy certificate can be checked online to view Elvis’s signature on it…..

  36. I heard a couple of winos outside a liquor store saying Elvis was alive, good enough for me.

    • Yes Elvis lives in Simi Valley California under the name of Jon Burrows

      • I agree with you accept for a few things.Was a wax body in the coffin.My friend went to the viewing with her family and they all saw with their own eyes a wax body.Even his own cousin said in an interview that it was a wax body 🙂 The life policy.it would have been fraud if it had been cashed in!

      • He no longer lives there.,I know where he lives but not at liberty to say

  37. I see there is some people on this site who do not know what they are talking about. First off Elvis was 53 when this movie was made. Second Elvis is smaller than John Candy. Third Elvis is 6’1. At 77 he is more likely to be 5’11 now. fourth and final yes the extra in the movie is Elvis Aron Presley.

  38. I do happen to know Jon Cotner. Yes, Jon Cotner was the one who wrote the screen play for Home Alone, but as a Ghost Writer. He took no public credit for that movie or Free Willy or Castaway… or any others he had a part of. Why did Jon Cotner come out? There are so many people that have tried to scam others and give him a bad name, such as the guy that uses a former alias that Elvis used, Jon Burrows, and the Dick Van Dyke “Look-A-Like” named Jesse. He and others are tired of scams that involve disgracing his image. Jon does not claim to be Elvis Aron Presley. He said it would be silly of him to go back to a lifestyle that he worked so hard to escape from. He is just a man and not a king, and Jon will tell you that. Jesus Christ is King. Just one more thing… Would anyone test fate by putting the correct spelling of their “Birth Given” name on their own tombstone? Not me!! He just wants to live his life and sing his songs and serve our Father “Yahweh” (God) and do what Yahweh has called Jon to do. Jon is only Jon and not The Elvis Aron Presley that we once knew. ~Mystery Mafia~

  39. ミュウミュウ 財布 二つ折り

  40. jon cotner sounds too much like elvis presley not to be elvis.He must be!There is not one phrase,one cough,one laugh,that is deifferent to elvis presley,no-one can imitate anyone exactly,this is not an imitation,you can tell it,s jons natural talking and singing voice,the more I listen the more I become convinced of it.I hope I,m right because elvis deserved a longer and happier life,he gave so much to us and I know how grateful we are,he still is a very special human being,I suffered depression for many years of my life,because of my circumstanes,and elvis,s songs etc.kept me going and still do,thank you so much mr.presley.xxxx

    • Hi Sandy. If people only knew. Lol. I first met Jon in the early 1990’s under another alias of Al Jefferies (agent name). He does deserve a happy life. He cannot claim to be Elvis Presley right now, but he can be the man God led him to be. A name is only a name. A name doesn’t stop him from being a man, a friend, or a daddy to all of his children. He is who he is and he is who he’s not. That’s pretty deep, but it is true. God Bless. Earl

      • Earl,
        Hey I’m paul.
        I was born in feb ’79, after Elvis died. However, my dad is a huge fan of Elvis and I grew up listening to his songs because of that… I’ve had 34 years of elvis!! I’ve watched all of his films and heard pretty much every song he sang!!
        I was messing around on YouTube this morning and found this Jon Cotner guy (unintentionally)… I heard his voice when he spoke and also when he sang… then when I saw the pictures of the guy my blood actually ran cold!!! I showed my dad this and he was gobsmacked!! The voice, the laugh, the stammers, the breathing, the singing and even his mannerisms are frighteningly identical!! It’s sad to say, but I was literally brought up with elvis, I had no choice!! If I were to put money on this then I would bet £1m that this guy is Elvis Presley!
        Earl, you say you met the guy… If I gave you my email address, could you please give me some more information on this?? I would be very grateful.

        Thank you


        P.S. My email is paulgainford4@gmail.com

      • Thank you! These non believers will find out on the 16th of August of 2014

    • Thank you! These non believers will find out on the 16th of August of 2014

  41. Sad to say That would not be him. The guy is way too young. Elvis would have been 55 at the time this was released! That would not be him unless he putted on lots of make-up(unlikely)

  42. Uhhh did you guys ever see johnny hara that guy is more like Elvis then this guy….my dadsa. Huge Elvis fan and I showed him this he laughed and said thats not him….I showed him johnny hara he almost shit his pants..that guy looks more like Elvis check his vids out too sounds exactly like him too when he talks and its a certain way so

  43. Nope, Hara is heavier. That “extra” looks more like Elvis than any impersonater than I’ve ever seen.

  44. Have we found out yet please who this extra was ? Thank you.

  45. Will this mystery ever be solved? It’s been going on for a long time.
    I have always been a huge Elvis fan and this extra looks like his twin.

  46. Elvis wore lifts in his shoes to be 6’1. And 8-16-2014 has come and gone with nothing new about Elvis

  47. Where’s your broken record “August 16th” BS now, musiclover??

  48. Was Elvis that tall??

  49. yes it is elvis without a doubt

  50. Its a guy called Gary Grott!

  51. Now let someone who actually is trained in person identification, me!

    Yes Elvis is still alive, how do I know?

    Simple, the ears do not lie! Inside a person’s ears are identifiers like crown, points, indentations, curvatures etc like fingerprints!

    I personally have seen n examined a video of Elvis following Lisa Marie at a Restaurant. What’s the significance of this? He turns at an angle to where I was able to do a snap photo and examine his inner ear, and it was one and the same to known photos of Elvis!

    Inner ears don’t lie!

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