Ancient Egyptian Michael Jackson

Egyptian Michael Jackson

Ancient Egyptian female sculpturein the Field Museum, in Chicago,





looks like….Michael Jackson !

The Photo came from

~ by gorightly on June 28, 2009.

9 Responses to “Ancient Egyptian Michael Jackson”

  1. That is crazy. All the shit i have seen I never seen that one yet.

  2. It shows you that we are moving backwards and forwards through time all in the same instant…

  3. omg this is very surreal you almost start to thniking that he took this as his example….

  4. Recently my son had to do a report on Queen Hatshepsut.She was an Egyptian Pharaoh. When I saw a bust of her I recalled many websites saying MJ looked like an ancient Egyptian. This bust you have is of Queen Hatshepsut.

  5. even has the nose that fell off.

  6. mirip banget…

  7. wow, accurate down to the missing nose!

  8. its gotta be fake

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