Solve Your Favorite Conspiracy in One Afternoon With Synchronicity™ !

Dear Mothlothians:

I just got back from the ConspiracyCon convention in Santa Clara, CA where gonzo author Adam Gorightly and I shared a table. The festival was your usual mix of MK-Ultra “victims,” New Age healers, notorious right-wingers, and former government agents trying to convince us that the government is secretly working with “Grey” Reptilian aliens in underground bases. What initially seemed to be just another public appearance has, however, turned into something much more. As Adam described in his entertaining write-up of the event, we were beset by doppelgangers, MIBs, and anomalous animals. I recommend reading his article first in order to get the background:

The gist of this is that, by treating these events as if they were research synchronicities, I have arrived at a theory that may shed new light on the JFK assassination:



~ by gorightly on June 23, 2009.

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