Hymn For Tuesday Weld

~ by gorightly on June 23, 2009.

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  1. This must be an extended version then with added verses? I haven’t listened to the track in age but I don’t seem to recall the various Satan and hellfire lyrics before.

  2. Well, not really an extended version…but back in AM radio days, some stations would only play the a-side of the 45 of American Pie, so you’d often hear a truncated version, no doubt endorsed by Tuesday Weld’s lieutenants who were using their far ranging influence to sanitize the more seamy references to the underbelly of the 60’s counterculture that Tuesday reigned over…but often times, and most certainly on dope smokin’ FM stations of the period, you’d hear the whole satanic metaphor version of lover Don McLean’s hymn to his hot Illuminati mama. Rock on!

  3. Are you going to do more with Jeff Turner? After listening to the Audio Archives shows he was on, I think he has a lot more to say.

  4. Uh, yup, Jeff indeed has A LOT more to say…

  5. Right now I’m considering doing a new podcast here in the near future. And the door would certainly be open to Messers Turner and Hawes…

    • The podcasts were excellent (as are all of your books which I’ve read) and I would definately like to hear more from Turner and Hawes.

      I would like to hear more about the Weld/Manson connection from Turner. The Bad Boys from Bavaria shouldn’t mind too much since it is revelation of the method time.

  6. Turner claims he actually met Manson.

    • Yes–I recall that. Any idea who “Kristi M” is? He casually names several famous names allegedly involved in all sorts of nefarious activities without seeming fearful except for her. So now inquiring minds want to know. I got the impression from the Summer of Love interview that she was a Hollywood Weld protege in the 60s.

      If Turner’s time line is correct, then K. McNichol seems too young.

      Of course if he can’t or won’t disclose who she is, it would be interesting to know why he can’t disclose it.

  7. Well, yes, I know who Kristi is, but I’m not gonna tell. In fact, when Doug and Jeff appeared on my show they did so with the proviso that they not use Kristi’s last name, as I had no desire to enter into a defamation lawsuit. At one point in the show, Jeff Turner actually did use her last name, but I later edited it out.

    And no, we’re not talking about K. McNichol. For that matter, Kristi M. is not a household name, and therein lies one of the problems with using her last name…whereas Tuesday Weld is a public figure, identifying her as a possible Illuminaughty high priestess is much less problematic than naming a private party, especially when Jeff claims K.M. was involved in all sorts of nefarious episodes, including becoming head of a large crime syndicate with the Process Church of the Final Judgment at its core.

    As you may well know, Doug Hawes and I wrote an article for Paranoia magazine awhile back entitled, “Tuesday Weld’s Psychedelic Illuminati Conspiracy”. Afterwards, Doug penned another piece that got into Kristi’s involvement with The Process Church and organized crime and sent it to Paranoia, but HuntressGatheress Joan opted not to run the piece for the similar reasons that I objected to: the use of Kristi’s last name, fear of a lawsuit of some sort. As Doug only had hearsay evidence presenting his case, Joan didn’t want to stick her neck out, and I don’t blame her.

    It should be noted that a photo of Kristi appears in my book, “The Beast of Adam Gorightly”, however untitled.

    Also, check out the following link:


    If you buy the copy of Mirror At The End Of The Road mentioned in the piece, you will be able to establish Kristi’s last name, as it is mentioned during the interview in the mag with Jeff Turner, who is more than happy to name her.


    • I understand. Especially since the K.M. is making the “be quiet” gesture in her picure in your book. I didn’t realize that was her pretty little picture on page 13. Thanks for the response.

      I’m reading the new Feral House book Love Sex Fear Death about the Process but there is no index to the book so I can’t tell yet if a Kristi is mentioned but I doubt it. I’m 50 pages into it but early on the author, former Process member Timothy Wylie (and Adam Parfrey in the forward) dismiss the notion thet the Process was a criminal enterprise. It is nonetheless pretty interesting from a cult insider’s perspective. The photos and color Process magazine reproductions are excellent.

      Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to the updated Santa Susana book later this summer which I pre-ordered. I hope I ordered early enough to get the music CD.

  8. No, I don’t believe there’s anything in the Feral House/Process book about Kristi, as it basically presents Tim Wylie’s perspective that Mary Ann wore the pants in The Process and that there was no far reaching conspiracy ala Ed Sanders and Maury Terry. When I heard Parfrey was working on this book some time back, I alerted Doug Hawes, who in turn sent Parfrey his Kristi/Process material, but as it ran counter to the Wylie thesis, Hawes never heard back from Parfrey…

  9. There’s a “thesis,” when someone was not personally involved with something, and then there’s a memoir by not only one former member of The Process Church, but a half-dozen of them at all hierarchical levels. That is LOVE FEAR SEX DEATH: THE INSIDE STORY OF THE PROCESS CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGMENT. It is not a “thesis.”

  10. I stand corrected!

  11. Believe it or not, Tuesday Weld’s distant cousin Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co President from Tampa, Florida Donald Carl Jerner was shot dead.

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