Revised and Updated Edition of THE SHADOW OVER SANTA SUSANA




from acid sex to satanic slaughter

40 years after the infamous Tate-LaBianca murder case of August 1969, Creation Books presents a definitive account of those killings and their perpetrators, the Charles Manson Family.

In this revised and updated edition of THE SHADOW OVER SANTA SUSANA, investigative journalist Adam Gorightly takes his readers on a black magic carpet ride from the Hollywood “Beautiful People” scene of the late 60’s through to the vast desert landscapes of a Death Valley gone mad – with all the love-ins and murderous creepy-crawls that happened along the way. He also investigates a number of conspiracy theories,both old and original, about the Manson case. The result is the most complete document published to date on Manson and his “Love and Terror Cult”, an illustrated kill-bible for the coffee-tables of all self-respecting true crime buffs, counter-culture freaks and aspiring teenage satanists.

Includes over 200 photographic illustrations.

“The single greatest book about crazy Charlie and his hippie chicks!”

–Michael Marinacci, author of Mysterious California

Size: 7 X 10 inches, 192 pages. $19.95.



The first 100 pre-orders will receive a free music CD by author Adam Gorightly’s band Good News For Modern Man, featuring 2 Manson-inspired tracks “Leave Something Witchy” and “Flowers And Blood”




A collector’s edition of 69 copies only.

The limited hardback collector’s edition of SHADOW OVER SANTA SUSANA

includes an additonal 64 pages of rare bonus material, including interviews, testimonies and letters by Charles Manson, Tex Watson, Bobby Beausoleil, and Susan Atkins. The books are bound in blood-red cloth with black gloss stamping, and black endpapers. Each copy is also individually numbered and signed by the author.

LIMITED HARDBACK: $69.00 plus shipping ($5 in the USA, $15 outside the USA).

Published: July 1, 2009

Only available at

~ by gorightly on May 3, 2009.

14 Responses to “Revised and Updated Edition of THE SHADOW OVER SANTA SUSANA”

  1. Well, I just ordered one of the hardcovers…looking forward to it.

    Enjoyed the old edition quite a bit.

  2. Hey Adam – I, too, just ordered the hardcover. Can’t wait. Everything’s still sneaky in sneakyville!

  3. Thanks guys, I’m sure you’ll dig it!

  4. Congrats Adam, looks great!

  5. Thanks for the great cover, John!

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  7. Got my copy today – very nice…

  8. Cool. Glad ya dig it!

  9. Okay but what is new with this revised edition?
    I mean, on the revised edition of this book is alot cheaper. and only 240pages?? is this editon striped??

  10. A couple of reasons why the page count is less: 1) the font is smaller, and 2) I did indeed trim it down some, making it a tighter (leaner and meaner) read, IMHO. That being said, nothing essential was removed, and what was edited out, I felt, was redundant text, and also some things which I’ve discovered over the years were factually inaccurate.

    Additions included some new nuggets of information here and there, as well as a vast array of photographs peppered throughout the new book. As well, the hardcover edition includes additional materials (trial transcripts and such) not included in the original edition. However, the publisher decided to not include the Who’s Who list for whatever reasons, so I have plans on publishing a new Who’s Who version somewhere down the road, as a companion to this new updated Shadow…

  11. Was the first edition really 600 pages? If so why is this one less?

  12. I watched a video review of this book on youtube and ordered it on Amazon. I thought I was getting the 600 pg version. Instead I got the small one. I can’t help but feel like I am missing something. Really a whole lot of something. Read Happy Trails, am reading your Kerry Thornley book now. Looking forward to the Manson book, but wish I had the larger one, at least to compare.

  13. srd84, see link below:

  14. 11 July 15

    Adam: Am looking forward to reading your latest! Have submitted my order. One questions for now: Manson was spotted trolling around Bel Air in a black Jag or Rolls. Who owned it?

    Tom Reisinger

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