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Over the past few weeks, it seems like the whole twitter craze has taken the country by storm, as everybody and his mother has joined the loathsome twitter love train, “tweating” their little hearts out about the most uneventful happenings in their otherwise pathetic lives.

Twitter — serving as a vehicle for soccer moms to let the world know that they just had the most wonderful mango latte from Starbucks, and other such world shattering pronouncements —  is another in a long line of social networking circle jerks where we can pretend we’re having a life lived vicariously through Blackberrys and computer keyboards.

Not long ago, I started a Twitter account mainly because someone had invited me, but saw immediately it wasn’t for me when I started getting twitted about the most mundane and un-noteworthy happenings, that I soon wrote the whole thing off as a pointless exercise in narcissism.

But then I got to thinking, hey, maybe I could make a buck or two off the idiocies of my fellow social networkers;  if they are so curious about when their fellow human’s pick their noses, or about someone taking  a bunch of rug rats to soccer practice, maybe they would also be interested in knowing when their “friends” are going to the john. And so, to this end, I created Shitter, a scatological social networking tool, and instead of sending out a “tweat”, you can keep your friends abreast on your most recent bowel movement by sending out a “shat.”

“It’s 10:30am and I just sat down on the pot….”

Join Shitter today at:

You can also find a Russian Bride at the website as well!

~ by gorightly on April 28, 2009.

One Response to “Join Shitter Today!”

  1. You’re an insightful man, Adam. I completely share your opinions on “social networking” sites basically being gigantic, narcissistic circle-jerks completely devoid of all forms of actual content. Shit, I don’t even have a myspace account.

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