Adam Gorightly On Cosmic Trigger Radio

A new interview with yours truly at the link below:

~ by gorightly on April 9, 2009.

One Response to “Adam Gorightly On Cosmic Trigger Radio”

  1. Thanks for the link.Yeah,you should go on the Jeff Rense show. Excerpts from newsletters nov.08-feb.09—- In this issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, we will use the light of the Scripture, the Holy Word of Almighty God, to reveal the truth of the recent amazing events that are now happening in our nation and around the world. Without a doubt, this is the most difficult newsletter I have written in twenty-seven years of publication. It is a nearly impossible challenge to get all of this information on five pages.

    The Lord awakened me at four o’clock this morning and gave me the above title and scriptures for this issue of the newsletter. He then flooded my mind with a revelation about the antichrist and his dark forces. We know that God told Moses in Deuteronomy 18:18 that He would raise up a prophet like unto Moses. In Acts 3:22-26, the Apostle Peter makes it clear that the Lord Jesus Christ was that prophet. Just as Moses led the children of Israel out of a land of sin, idolatry, bondage, and slavery; so Jesus did the same thing in a spiritual sense, and He is preparing for us a promised land. This makes Moses an Old Testament type of Christ, pointing to the true Saviour, Jesus Christ, who was to come. We also know from Bible prophecy that in the last days an Antichrist would rise up to enslave the entire world. He would use economic power and great deceptions to cause the people to worship him and his master, who is Satan himself. When we realize that Moses typified Christ, we must also know that the Antichrist would likewise be an opposite of Moses and therefore do the reverse of what Moses did. The Antichrist, as an anti-Moses type, would lead people into slavery, idolatry, and bondage!

    As we remember the story of Joseph being sold into Egypt and how he gained favor with Pharaoh and saved Egypt from a great seven-year famine, we must also remember that the real purpose of God was to preserve his people Israel and to sustain them for a while in Egypt. Because all of the storehouses were government-owned and controlled, the people had to yield and give Pharaoh complete control of everything they had. The complete story is in Genesis, chapter 47. Pharaoh took all of their property, possessions, and money.

    When Israel came into Egypt, God blessed them greatly during the lifetime of Joseph. Then quite suddenly, everything changed. Everything Israel had was seized upon and confiscated. Everything became the property of the state. The people of Israel became slaves under hard taskmasters. Finally, God raised up Moses, and through a series of many miracles and judgments upon Egypt, Moses led the people to freedom and to a walk with Almighty God, and they left the land of socialism and slavery. They left the land of baby killing, for the government had declared that babies be killed. It was the law!

    We are now seeing the forces of antichrist at work to raise up a man who is the antitype of Moses to lead people into a situation of socialism, slavery, bondage, and idolatry such as never has been seen before. This man is also in favor of baby killing, and secretly holds to a religion that worships the so-called sun god and the moon goddess. Is the erstwhile great nation of the United States of America so far gone that it would elect such a man to its highest office? Is the United States to become a spiritual type of Egypt, a land under the dark overshadowing of the spiritual wings of Satan?

    No matter what happens or how evil the times become, we know that the day of our Lord’s return is drawing nigh. Are you ready to stand before the throne of the Almighty Saviour? The Lord Jesus is merciful and gracious to all who call upon Him in truth. Do it now while you are able, and He will be your close friend through all of this.
    We must also bear in mind that the word inauguarate comes from the ancient Latin language of the old Roman Empire. In ancient Rome there were soothsayers called augurs who were invested with evil spirits and could supposedly declare the future. From the word augur came the word inaugurate, which literally means to take omens. In European nations the monarchs and heads of nations were always crowned by some kind of religious leader such as the Pope, a Cardinal, the Archbishop of Canterbury, or another religious official. That way, the impression was given that none would dare question the authority of the “crowned one”, because the crown was placed by a supposed representative of God. Obama has chosen his so-called “holy man” to do the job. It is the immensely popular Rick Warren, the pastor of a mega church and author of the book A Purpose-Driven Life. Warren is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the Illuminati in the United States. Warren also admitted in an interview that he loves hard rock music. Although Warren claims to be “anti-gay” and “pro-life”, it is all a front because Obama is very pro-gay rights and pro-abortion. Why would Warren support him if he had true convictions on these issues? This is the man who was handpicked by Obama to be the officiating “holy man” as he takes omens and heads for the Oval Office!Now we are seeing Obama sacred medallions being worn around the neck on a chain. The medallion has Obama’s image struck in it with the words “Save Us.” On January 17th, 2009, the London Daily Mail featured the headline which began with the words “Obama Can Save Us.” On January 18th, 2009, the Guardian Newspaper in London, England, featured a story with the headlines “President Has Four Years to Save the Earth.” The story was based on studies done by NASA scientist Jim Hansen, telling how Obama will need to take immediate action to save the earth from ecological disaster. ) Who is this man, Barack Obama, that Vanity Fair Magazine declared is “the most famous living person in the history of the world”? Who is this man that women throughout the United States are having indecent dreams and fantasies about, as reported by the New York Times Newspaper? Who is this man, Barack Obama, that we know so little about? Consider the following list: Occidental College records-Not released, Columbia University records-Not released, Columbia Thesis paper-Not available, Harvard College records-Not released, Selective Service Registration-Not released, Medical records-Not released, Illinois State Senate Schedule-Not available, Law Practice client list- Not released, Certified copy of original birth certificate-Not released, Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth-Not released, Record of Baptism-Not available.There are some very amazing spiritual aspects to Barack Hussein Obama, and none of them are good. Powerful evidence has now emerged regarding his ancestry. Eight thousand Beduin nomadic people say they have photographic and other documentary proof that Obama has Arab blood from the Beduin tribe and came from these tribes of nomadic Arabs of northern Israel. He is also one-quarter white and one-quarter Kenyan. This Beduin connection would make him a descendant of Abraham through Ishmael and a descendant of Esau through the Idumeans and Edomites. The Herodian Dynasty came from this race, including Herod the baby killer, who ruled at the time when Jesus was born. This would make Barack Hussein Obama a prime candidate for the office of Antichrist! In Hebrew, the word “Barak” without the added letter “C” means lightning. When Revelation, chapter 13, tells us of the antichrist causing fire to come down from heaven, the Greek word used there for fire means lightning. Why did the news media on election night keep saying that America and all the other countries were “electrified by Obama’s rise in the polls?” We also know that Obama’s home state of Illinois has a state lottery with one game called “Pick Three.” The numbers for the evening draw on the day he was elected were 6-6-6! I personally believe that some of the same spirits that were in Adolf Hitler are now in Barack Obama. Why did Obama take his campaign to Berlin, Germany, and stand in the Tiergarten with his right arm stiffened and raised to 45 degrees in a Hitler-like salute? Why did thousands of Germans who gathered there return that salute, which is forbidden by law in Germany? Why did Obama give his one-world speech from a place in Berlin where five streets come together at a place called the Big Star? Note: We are nearing the end of the world.Not the age or aeon.That’s chialism that crept into Christianity in the 19th century.The Great Apostasy is underway.We must pray for lost souls to repent and pray for a redemption that draweth nigh.Only national repentance can see the L:ord’s healing on a nation,and that is never going to happen.

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