Sexy Jazz Dancer

Only in Mormon Country…

~ by gorightly on April 7, 2009.

8 Responses to “Sexy Jazz Dancer”

  1. It’s Uncle Fester

  2. Oh, I didn’t recognize him without the light bulb in his mouth.

  3. The eyes are the windows to the soulThat woman or man looks demon-ossessd.Either that or it is a domesticated simian.

  4. Here’s the “P”…Anyway,they don’t call it “Fanatic” for nothing.Sports,moviestars,musicians…the roaring crowds of Roman Brad and Circuses.It is idolatry.The Mark is right around the corner.And people are still tuned into the mind control boob tube and all the distarctions put there by the Illuminati.

  5. Brad who?

  6. Bread…these things mess up grammar and spelling no matter how many times one goes over it.tee hee hee

  7. Dog and Pony shows for the maesses.

  8. A gremlin or wordpress fairy added the “e”..LOL!

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