HITECH laws and the implantable chip….

Guest blogger Douglas Hawes weighs in on RFID chips. – Adam


New legislation that is part of the National Economic Recovery bills going through Congress could open the door to the widespread introduction of implantable RFID chips in U.S. healthcare.

President Barack Obama made the introduction of Health Information Technology legislation an important part of his political platform, and sure enough, HITECH sections have found themselves buried in a number of bills going through Congress right now.

These Health Information Technology bills – – HITECH for short – – intend to get the ball rolling on creating a nationwide, interoperable, healthcare datanet, under the supervision of the recently created position of National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. The legislation grants $20 billion to help erect the new system.

The first important bill with HITECH legislation buried in the text was HR 1, which passed on Friday, February 13th in a critical floor vote in the House of Representatives. The Senate had already approved the final version of the bill, so it will be signed into law by President Obama by the time you read this.

HR 1 is the massive economic stimulus package bill which has been rushed through Congress.

Well, it turns out that HITECH legislation is to be found in a bunch of bills. I double checked all of these to confirm this, using the Library of Congress’ Thomas website: HR 1; HR 598; HR 629; S 179; S 336; S. 350.

So the great concern here is that with the erection of a nationwide, interoperable, health care database, the implantable Verichip will gradually be introduced into American healthcare at an ever increasing pace. With this new legislation in a few years we will start seeing more and more on-line medical records, and “interoperability, ” and growing pressures to get “chipped,” especially if we are chronic patients, or the elderly.

The implantable RFID chip technology hasn’t made much sense in healthcare up until now, since hospitals have not yet made major strides with computerized records.

So the proponents of the Verichip say the implants will be strictly voluntary, and are only the size of a grain of rice, anyway.

These claims of the chips being voluntary might lull many into a state of non-resistance. But most likely insurance companies and healthcare providers will start “penalizing” those who don’t sign up. You might pay a higher premium. And so gradually millions and millions of Americans will start receiving the chip.

Here is an article about a 2007 protest against a convalescent hospital in Florida which is conducting a pilot program with Alzheimer’s patients using the Verichip: http://www.msnbc. msn.com/id/ 19904543/

This is from the Spychips.com website, tied to the work of Katherine Albrecht, the author of the 2005 book “Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan on Tracking your Every Move.”

So some states are considering legislation outlawing mandatory RFID chip implants. Already the State of Wisconsin passed into law 2005 Wisconsin Act 482, which prohibits mandatory chipping. This is ironic, since it was former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson who made great headlines in 2005 when he joined the board of directors of Applied Digital Solutions, the maker of the Verichip, and announced that he would soon be getting a chip implant himself.

So Applied Digital Solutions, the majority owner of subsidiary Verichip Corporation, was absorbed by Digital Angel Corporation in December of 2007. Digital Angel is most well known for RFID in herd management, and their webpage completely deemphasizes the implantable chip in healthcare applications. Here is their official website: http://www.digitalangel.com/

Subsidiary Verichip Corporation also has a website, and they are not shy about claiming the advantages of the implantable chip in healthcare. Here is the official Verichip Corporation website: http://www.verichip corp.com/ Verichip Corporation trades as CHIP on NASDAQ.

So I was just looking through the news on the Verichip Corporation website, and Verichip announced on November 17, 2008 that it had just launched a strategic alliance with Microsoft. Microsoft will now begin to make its Microsoft Health Vault software work with Verichip’s VeriMed technology. Here is the story, from the Verichip website: http://www.verichip corp.com/ news/1227122000

Some people will assert that this whole health information technology argument is irrelevant, because it has nothing to do with the financial system that is part of Bible prophecy. In Revelation one has to have the Mark in order to “buy or sell.” And so far, according to “Spychips,” corporations and businesses are only exploring RFID chips placed in products, not people. And also having a “smart card” which has a RFID chip in it, as was attempted in Germany at a “store of the future” in which several major corporations combined forces. (This store with concealed RFID technology caused significant civil disobedience in Germany, and an investigation on the part of the German government.)

But what is important here to note is that the implantable Verichip IS BEING USED for financial services. But only in Europe. Apparently Verichip Corporation made a strategic decision to offer Verichip only in healthcare applications in the USA, but in Europe they are offering the Verichip in financial applications. Specifically, Verichip Corporation has a deal with Baja Beach Club in which patrons of this club can get a chip so they don’t need to use cash or credit cards at any Baja Beach Club.

I think what ultimately will get the Chip going to the next level is when current DNA computer technology is mastered, and blended into the chip. Such DNA computer research is going on all over the world, and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel is one of the world leaders in this regard.

Then the Mark will be the number of a Man, because it will be integrated with DNA, which is the critical encoding for life itself. That I think is the ultimate answer to the mysterious riddle found in the Book of Revelation.

So it is absolutely remarkable, as DNA researchers have discovered, that there are aspects of DNA which make it highly suitable for computer applications at the microcircuit level. Check out some of the press releases on the Weizmann Institute of Science website about these remarkable advances. I believe most of the stories were in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Here is the website: http://www.weizmann .ac.il/

Douglas Hawes

San Jose, CA

~ by gorightly on February 17, 2009.

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