Excerpt From Will Jima’s “UFO Message”

Here, by popular demand, a cut from “UFO Message”


~ by gorightly on February 15, 2009.

7 Responses to “Excerpt From Will Jima’s “UFO Message””

  1. This album is up for bid on eBay right now!

  2. Who was/is Will Jima & where did he go??

  3. Will Jima was some pseudo-preacher dude from the deep south who made a wacky records about Ufoauts…I’m wondering where he went my own self.

  4. I need to find him regarding the book he wrote about Elvis, Dead or Alive in 1978! Ten years before anyone else!

  5. I truly enjoy looking through on this internet site , it contains excellent blog posts.

  6. buzz off

  7. Hi Des, Just to let you know that the Elvis booklet released by Jima does exist. As an Elvis book collector I had been after it for many years and finally obtained a copy in 2011. It’s only 14 pages, but quite surprisingly given it was published only a month or so after Elvis’ death, contains many of the key issues/arguments/conjectures later used (in a more sophisticated way) by Gail Brewer-Giorgo etc. Nigel .

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