LOWFI seeks Nixon’s spirit… are you up for a trip?



SUNDAY, MARCH 1st: our next southern California excursion will be to the haunted Richard Nixon library in Yorba Linda. On deck will be a psychic medium to pick up the vibrations, Nixon’s “ethereal conduit” Jeffrey Vallance and L.O.W.F.I.’s NorCal Bureau Chief, Adam Gorightly.

$13, with an optional outing to a secret, undisclosed location in Whittier, a scant 23 minute drive from the Nixon library. The birthplace of Discordianism, a trip to this facility is as close to a religious pilgrimage as a Fortean can get. All hail Eris!

(The birthplace of Kerry Thornley himself, Whittier also gave us Nixon and Tom Waits.)


Stay tuned for details as the date looms near!

~ by gorightly on February 14, 2009.

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