Where Did You Go, Will Jima?

I recently received an email from a fellow seeking info on Will Jima, an apparent 1970’s UFO abductee who produced a couple semi psychedelic LP’s tinged with Christian New-Agey/End Timesy revelations.


The two albums in question, The UFO Message and Revelation 666, featured a surrealistic southern styled sermon speaker (Jima) accompanied by a creepy electronic music background, which certainly springs a woody in this wacko music lover’s mind and gonads.


In Hickson’s Pascagoula abduction book, he makes reference to a certain unspecified preacher selling records about “UFO’s and Demons”, which might very well have been our friend Mr. Jima. According to sources, Jima was also author of some equally obscure tomes, including Flying Saucers and Golden Ghettos and Elvis Presley Dead or Alive?

Will Jima on 8-Track, No Less

Will Jima on 8-Track, No Less

If you, dear reader, possess info on the current whereabouts and/or activities of the enigmatic Will Jima, please lay it on us!

~ by gorightly on February 6, 2009.

18 Responses to “Where Did You Go, Will Jima?”

  1. Wow, the cover for Revelation 666 is one of the coolest album covers I’ve ever seen. Apocalypse beast as a leopard.

    I’ve got to track down some of his music.

  2. This is relevant to my interests. I cannot find a torrent for these albums. If someone has it, can they make one?

  3. One of Will Jima’s records is on bid at eBay

  4. Does anybody have an mp3/digital copy of Will Jima’s album? If so, it would be highly appreciated if it were uploaded to mediashare or something similar and the link posted here. Thanks.

  5. I am am looking for Jima in regard to the book he wrote about Elvis….he was ten years ahead of his time.

  6. I too am looking for the book: Elvis Presley, Dead or Alive written by Will Jima. My email address is a_pepper22@msn.com

  7. I have a cassette copy from a radio broadcast back in the 70s. I re-recorded in mp3 format. Where can I post it?

    • Please, someone-anyone post the two Will Jima records. A great place to do so is at the great sharing site: SoulSeek. It is safe and easy to download. I have never had problems with bugs or virus’. If anyone has any other way/place to download it, bless you! My personal email is: clemlovagexi@gmail.com

      Thank you.

  8. Write to me at text1962 at 2020news dot net and I will arrange a place for you to upload it.


    • Would greatly appreciate getting digital copy of the two Will Jima albums. I have of high weirdness to share. Thanks!

      • Get on Soulseek and you will find it. It is in my shared collection. Peace.

  9. I started buying “Orion” albums in the 80’s and then started buying Ellis James records after that, but in the middle I bought a 45 “Down in mississipi” But now I believe in the “Stephen Silver” music and possibly Jon Cotner,, Can anyone help me in getting the “Sivle Nora” Music. Life long fan.

  10. Has the Will Jima stuff been uploaded?

    • I would be most interested in anyone who could find Will Jima’s book or his whereabouts.

  11. according to this Will Jima is a pseudonym for someone named Alvis Howard

  12. Thanks for the info, Wesley!

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