Super Sunday Commercials

Maybe I’ve totally lost sight of what this blog is supposed to be about, but who gives a flying frak anywho? However, the most  contemptible of blogging types often take the form of “sports bloggers”, a base and vile species who inhabit the viral cyberspaces and often still live at home with their mothers, if you get my drift. With all that being said, I thought yesterday’s game was probably the best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen–at least since the glory days of Joe Willy Namath going to toe-to-toe with Johnny Unite-Us!

The Glory Days Of Joe Willy

The Glory Days Of Joe Willy

I must say that a couple commercials really cracked me up, too, featuring aliens and monkeys, two species that certainly rate higher on the evolutionary chain than “sports bloggers”.

Follow the links below…

Click on monkeys

And aliens.

~ by gorightly on February 2, 2009.

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