Free Paranoia!

Issue # 1

Issue # 1

Our friends at Paranoia Magazine have informed your humble author that the first four issues of Paranoia  are free for download at, you guessed it,

Just go to the drop down menu of “Issues” and you’ll figure out the rest.  Issue #3, in fact, features the first piece I did for the mag way back in friggin’ 1994 when I had a 32 inch waist and not one single speckle of gray in my hair. Funny how nothing changes!

Hats off to Joan, Al and the rest of the crew for over two decades of  fine Paranoia!

~ by gorightly on January 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Free Paranoia!”

  1. Hey goof! Not quite 2 decades yet. Just 17 years. 2012 will be our 20th year and we all know where that’s heading. Working on issue 50 now. Those are some numbers for you to mull, but keep my waist size out of it. Shoe size is 7. Thanks for the post! Free stuff for all you plebes and proles over at Check out the new web facelift by Hopey.

  2. How dare you make fun of my shoe size!

  3. Hey, we won’t talk about your shoe size and don’t tell me if my ass looks fat in these pants. We’ll be all set.

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