Russian Mind Control Helmet

 In the mail the other day I received an anonymously addressed package with no return address, filled with a collection of the most shocking materials documenting Russian mind control experiments conducted through the 1950’s and 60’s, some of which were purportedly aimed at Philip K. Dick and Francis E. Dec, if one can believe this anonymous source. I include one photo below as a testament to this shocking technology!

Purported Russian Mind Control Helmet

Purported Russian Mind Control Helmet

~ by gorightly on January 25, 2009.

7 Responses to “Russian Mind Control Helmet”

  1. Wow. Can you show more? Or has Valis taken over yet? Adam?

  2. Agents showed up today and confiscated the package and all its contents. I really can’t make any further comments at this time.

  3. Oh yes, I can believe it. For example, try watch the video at Youtube ‘Psychiatry – Instrument of Death’!

  4. Agents showed up? From where???Get the ACLU on the phone now lol lmao….Agents from the ‘Agency’ lol???? Adam can’t view that Tuesday Weld Santa CRuz video.. I knew Santa Cruz was weird.. bad weird .. used to drive through there stoned and get the creepiest feeling to get the hell out and i did …would not party there or nuthin.Could not get out of Santa Cruz fast enough.. Send the Agents there..k sorry,,but seriously folks…

  5. Yes, the removal and censoring of the Tuesday Weld Santa Cruz video is one further example of what I cannot talk about in fear for my life. Please respect my wishes!

  6. Silence would be the answer. Sir Dick & Dec both died of stroke. Rather convenient don’t you think?

  7. It’s all nano inside now, siwwy rabbit. Been in your High Castle too long?

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