The Billy Goodman Happening » onairalien

Billy In The Presence Of An Alien

2 Responses to “onairalien”

  1. Hey you got the Mystic Barbara up there. He used to hang out after Moseley’s midtown Manhattan meetings at one of the cafaterias that used to dot the city where you could hang out for 5 hours and eat for two bucks. He was a world class whack job, but in a funny sort of way where you really couldnt get overly pissed at him. Tomorrow I go to Coney Island to hook up with Tim Cirtland The Torture King who is performing at the Freak Show . I think he will eat glass . . .which is all you could get for two bucks these days.

  2. Never met “Mystic Barbara”, but that is indeed the Mystic Barber at the top of the page, last name of Sinatra, as I recall…Also, Tim Cridland’s a good friend, seen him do his glass eating thing before…he east a light bulb, then washes it down with a glass of water holding the microphone to his neck so you can hear the little slivers wash down!

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